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Yuanfar aluminum is a Wholly-owned subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, we have more than 15 years of aluminum export experience, our production base is in Henan province, which is the capital of aluminum, since the beginning of 2006, we started the strategic cooperation with Aluminum Corporation of China limited (Chalco), who is the greatest Chinese Aluminum State Holding Company, and became their appointed agency. Yuanfar aluminum is the largest exporter of coils for caps in China, the annual export volume of aluminum materials can reach 20000 tons.

Quality Control

Yuanfar Aluminum will send engineers to factory to inspect every batch of goods before delivery.
We have an excellent after-sales service team and ensure to solve customer's after-sales problems in the first time.
Best Price
Because of the long-term cooperation with manufactures, we can get the best price directly from the general manager of sales department under the same level of quality.

Elegant & Considerate Service

Because of the vast amount purchased, Yuanfar Aluminum is the VIP client of several manufactures, the delivery date, packaging inquiry, request of any special documents are all fully guaranteed.

Professional Team
We have more than 15 years of aluminum export experience, have an excellent team, which can provide services according to the different requirements of customers.
Aluminum caps is worth our choice

We provide aluminum materials for bottle caps(8011,3105 etc.), and the quality is highly recognized. Now many wine caps are made of aluminum. What are the advantages of aluminum caps?1. The aluminum cap is made of high-quality aluminum, which is sanitary, non rusty, easy to open, and does not need a

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The main driving factors for the global commodity price rise are three factors

On the evening of the 11th May, the central bank released the quarterly report on China's monetary policy implementation for 2021. Regarding the recent rise in global commodity prices, the central bank pointed out that there are three main driving factors.First, the government of major economies has

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The price of aluminum accelerates to rise, beware that things will be reversed

Main logic:(1) On the supply side: In April 2021, the domestic output was 3.25 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 9.9%. In the second quarter, the resumption of production and new investment were promoted, and the domestic production was moving towards an annual output of 40 million tons. Conc

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Aluminum container recycling brings new opportunities for waste sorting

At present, many medium and large-sized cities in China started to implement waste classification. According to the requirements, the waste should be divided into recyclable waste, kitchen waste, other waste and hazardous waste. Citizen should understand how to do garbage classification in order to

XI'AN Yuanfar Aluminum

Our main products: Aluminum coil, aluminum foil, aluminum plate (smooth surface, surface treatment, surface coating), these products are widely used in the following industry, such as packaging, construction, Automotive and so on. The annual export volume of aluminum materials can reach 20000 tons.

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