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  • Aluminum foil anticorrosion

    Aluminum foil anticorrosionThe main cause of corrosion is that the product is affected by moisture or water during production and circulation. Therefore, to control the generation of corrosion waste products.

  • Aluminum foil rolling

    Aluminum foil rollingParticularity of aluminum foil rollingIn the production of double foil, the rolling of aluminum foil is divided into three processes: rough rolling, medium rolling and finish rolling.

  • Classification of the aluminum foil

    Classification of aluminum foilthicknessAluminum foil can be divided into thick foil, single zero foil and double zero foil according to the thickness difference.

  • Overview of aluminum foil

    The utility model relates to a hot stamping material which is directly calendered into thin sheets with metal aluminum. Its hot stamping effect is similar to that of pure silver foil, so it is also called fake silver foil.

  • Aluminum foil is widely used in food packaging

    Aluminum foil is widely used in food packagingOn 29th May, The 2th China aluminum foil- packaging ExpoThe 10th China Flower Expo would be held in Chong mingMing, Shanghai.

  • Lightweight of aluminum automobile

    Lightweight of aluminum automobileAluminum alloy has the characteristics of good corrosion resistance, low cost, recyclability, easy processing and light weight.

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