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  • Main characteristics and application for 6 series aluminum alloys

    6 series aluminum alloy is an alloy that mainly contained with magnesium and silicon elements, and it’s belongs to heat treatment strengthening aluminum alloy.

  • The characteristics and production process of aluminum foil bags

    Aluminum foil bag is a kind of high-end packaging bag, and the printed aluminum foil bag is even more magnificent. It not only improves the grade of products packaged in aluminum foil bag, but also increases the display value of aluminum foil bag packaging products.

  • Aluminum foil's application in battery

    The rapid development of the new energy vehicle market has boosted the demand for aluminum foil. As a new application market, aluminum foil for battery will drive the demand for aluminum foil to show a rapid growth trend.

  • Aluminum alloy in automobile lightweight

    Aluminum is a light metal with good conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. At the same time, the machinability of aluminum alloy is better than that of traditional metal materials.

  • How to produce an aluminum bottle cap?

    Aluminum bottle caps are simple in appearance, finely made, and advanced printing technology can meet the effects of consistent color and exquisite patterns, bringing consumers an elegant visual experience.

  • Classification of aluminum materials for air conditioners

    In order to improve the life of air conditioner, to reduce power consumption, to improve ventilation quality and improve refrigeration effect, a variety of aluminum for air conditioner have been developed. Here below is the main classification of aluminum for air conditioner heat exchange.

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