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About a Laminate Flooring

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The term "floor" refers to the lower enclosed surface of a space within a building.This may be part of the floor structure, such as a concrete slab or the upper surface of a floor, but usually it is a permanent covering laid on the floor.There are many types of flooring materials to choose from.

Laminate FlooringLaminate Flooring ALUMINIUM

Laminate floors are synthetic flooring products made from multiple layers. Modern latch laminate floors "float" because they are not fastened to the underlying layers.While there are many different methods of making laminate flooring, they are often based on variations of similar ingredients:The top layer is a high-resolution photographic image of a moisture-resistant (but not waterproof), natural material such as wood or stone.This layer is coated with a clear protective (and sometimes scratch-resistant) coating that prevents the image from fading over time or being exposed to sunlight.Below is a core made of compressed fibreboard, designed to stabilize the product.The bottom layer is usually the same thickness as the core layer and is made of melamine resin.Its purpose is to increase moisture resistance and sound absorption.It also strengthens the floor and helps smooth out small imperfections in the subfloor.

BS EN 13329 sets out the specification requirements for laminate flooring.

Market value

Laminate flooring has been on the market since the 1970s. Swedish chemical company Perstorp AB Holdings is credited with inventing laminate flooring in 1977.The team was tasked with retrofitting a composite kitchen countertop for use as a flooring material.The resulting product was launched in Sweden in 1980 as the Perstorp Golv GL80.It was introduced to the European market as "Pergo" in 1984 and to the North American market in 1994.Early laminate flooring was often considered inferior to solid wood due to poor print quality and manufacturing.Glue-based installation methods can sometimes result in curved surfaces.

Printing techniques and installations improved over time.Current laminate flooring products can include realistic bevels, grooves and embossed surface textures to make them look and feel more authentic.A seamless click and lock method was introduced in 1996.Laminate flooring products are now available in a variety of patterns, textures, widths, lengths and thicknesses.

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