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Adhesive tape and its kinds

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Tape is one of several backing materials coated with an adhesive. Various types of adhesives can be used.


Pressure sensitive tape:

Pressure sensitive tapes,PSA tapes, self-adhesive tapes or tapes consist of a pressure sensitive adhesive applied to a backing material such as paper, plastic film, cloth or metal foil. It is tacky (tacky), activates without any heat or solvents,and adheres to surfaces with light pressure.Typical adhesives are polymers such as acrylates, natural and synthetic rubbers.These tapes usually require a release agent on their backing or use a release liner to cover the adhesive. Sometimes the term "tape" is used for these tapes.

Water activated tape:Adhesive tape

Water-activated tape, gummed paper tape, or gummed tape is a starch-based, and sometimes animal-glue-based adhesive on a paper backing that becomes sticky when wet.One specific type of tape is called Reinforced Tape (RGT).The backing of this reinforced tape consists of two layers of paper with a cross pattern of fiberglass filaments sandwiched between them.Laminating adhesives used to be bitumen, but are now more commonly hot-melt atactic polypropylene.Adhesive tapes are described in ASTM D5749-01(2006) Standard Specification for Reinforced and Plain Adhesive Tapes for Sealing and Fixing.Water-activated tape is used to close and seal the box.Wet or remoisten the tape with water to activate before closing the corrugated cardboard box. Tapes are mostly 3 inches or 7.5 cm wide.

Thermal Tape:

Heat-activated tapes are generally tack-free until activated by a heat source.It is sometimes used in packaging, for example, in tear-off tape for cigarette packs.In contrast, thermal release tapes, such as Nitto Denko's REVALPHA, lose their stickiness and peel off completely when heated to a certain temperature.This is especially useful in the semiconductor industry.

Drywall Tape:

Drywall tape is paper, cloth, or mesh, sometimes with an adhesive or PSA adhesive.It is used to make joints between sheets of drywall material.

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