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What is aluminium car body

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Since the end of the 1980s, many automobile manufacturers in Europe, the United States, and Japan have cooperated with aluminum companies to strengthen research on aluminum automobile bodies and have achieved encouraging results. In 1995, the German Audi company first began to mass-produce aluminum bodies, pushing the research on aluminum for car bodies to a climax, and the proportion of aluminum alloys in the materials used in complete vehicles has increased year by year. During the eight years from 1990 to 1998, the amount of aluminum used in the North American auto industry increased by 102%. The all-aluminum body can reduce the weight of the body and is of great benefit to the environment. But also because of the characteristics of aluminum itself, there are still some problems in the all-aluminum body.

Aluminum car body fabrication brief 

The all-aluminum body frame structure creatively combines the two materials of steel and aluminum, which can ensure more dynamic driving ability, and greatly enhance the acceleration ability while improving stability. This layout achieves excellent body rigidity and good crash safety, and significantly reduces the weight of the body. 60% higher stiffness, 40% fewer solder joints, and lighter weight. Whether it is flexibility, safety, or stability, it performs well. This technology was first used on the Audi A8 in 1993, and the latest ASF technology is also used on the Audi A8 and A2.


The ASF concept brings great potential for lightweight car bodies in the fields of quality and safety. Without the installation of doors, engine hood and tail box cover, the body weight of A8L is only 220 kg, which undisputedly won the crown among models of the same level. The direct benefit brought by the ASF all-aluminum body structure is a significant reduction in fuel consumption and emissions. In addition, it also greatly improves the safety performance of the vehicle. The body of the A8L has extremely high torsional rigidity, which can change the absorption after a collision. ensure the integrity of the cab, and protect the occupants to the greatest extent.aluminium car frame - YuanfarAluminum

On the Audi A8L, the ASF system perfectly meets the high-standard safety requirements with an extremely low vehicle weight by using an effective combination of forged and cast parts. Adaptive air suspension has become the standard configuration of Audi A8L. This electronically controlled air suspension system with continuously variable damping control completely resolves the gap between the luxury car's pursuit of excellent handling and high-speed driving comfort. contradiction. Of course, in addition to the many safety configurations and high-tech technologies, the Audi A8 will naturally not be dropped.

The main disadvantage of the all-aluminum body in use is maintenance. Once a vehicle collides, the metal is deformed and twisted. Due to the special processing technology, the maintenance cost is much higher than that of traditional materials. At the same time, because the repair process is also very complicated, it is basically impossible for 4S shops to complete large-scale repairs, and the all-aluminum body is often scrapped without repair. Another issue that may need attention is that aluminum metal has a low melting point and low ignition point, and the exhaust temperature at the head of the exhaust pipe is enough to ignite it.

An aluminum body has the advantage of being lighter and stronger. The disadvantage is that once a collision occurs, it is difficult to repair and the repair cost is relatively high.

Many brands of cars use aluminum bodies, such as Jaguar, Audi and so on.

After an aluminum car has been involved in a crash, it can be quite difficult and cost more to repair.

So, if you buy a car with an aluminum body, you must be careful when using the car.

And it is best to buy car damage insurance for your car.

Many high-performance cars and sports cars also use aluminum bodies, which can reduce the weight of the vehicle.

However, the cost of using aluminum to make the body is relatively high, so the price of the car with the aluminum body is also relatively expensive.

There is no difference in appearance between using an aluminum body and a steel body.

If you are interested in a car with an aluminum body, you can go to a local 4s shop for a test drive.

The aluminum body weighs less, so the car is better and more agile to drive and control.

There are still relatively few automakers using aluminum bodies.

Some super sports cars use more expensive carbon fiber materials or other composite materials for the body, which is more expensive, but lighter and more rigid.

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