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Aluminum alloy furniture's features

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Aluminum alloy furniture environment friendly, and zero formaldehyde

Environment friendly is the major advantage of today's aluminum alloy furniture, because aluminum alloy, cold-rolled steel plate, and other metal materials are processed from the series of our mineral resources. With the development of the metal manufacturer industry, the process of raw materials’ production being extracted to use and process, and then eliminated, it’s will not waste resources and damage the ecological environment to the society. Therefore, the advantage of aluminum alloy furniture is environment friendly, the resource is re-usable and with a high utilization rate, keep away from excessive formaldehyde in general furniture.

Aluminum alloy furnitures are fashionable, beautiful, with various functions

Aluminum alloy furniture and other metal furniture generally use metal plates which has better strength in the production process. After a series of bending processes, these aluminum alloy furniture can meet the functional needs in many aspects. The aluminum alloy furniture in our market has adopt very convenient multi-function designs such as multi-pumping, multi-door and mobility design. It is worth to mention that with the well-developed technology, many aluminum furniture has folding functions, which is very convenient to use and saves space.19545 aluminum coil suppliers-YuanfarAluminum

Aluminum alloy furniture waterproof and fireproof

Compared with plate furniture and solid wood furniture, this aluminum alloy furniture has the characteristics of fire-proof and moisture resistance. Therefore, the another advantage of aluminum alloy furniture is that it can withstand the test of fire and reduce lost which caused by fire accident. It also has the effect of moisture prevention, which is very suitable for families in southern China.

Aluminum alloy furniture is easy to clean

The surface of aluminum alloy furniture is smooth and delicate. Compared with plate and solid wood furniture,the aluminum alloy furniture have a outstanding advantage in moisture resistance and waterproofing. When Aluminum alloy furniture is applied in the bathroom, it’s not only waterproof, moisture-proof and easy to clean, provide a clean and bright sense of refreshment, and also prolongs the service life of furniture.

Aluminum alloy furniture moisture-proof and insect-proof

Many expensive wooden furniture,such as yellow rosewood and mahogany were destroyed by insects. Therefore, It is worth to mention that the moisture-proof characteristics of aluminum alloy furniture are very suitable for use in the electronic age. Because many of our precious audio and video tapes and classic CDs are afraid of being disturbed by a strong magnetic field. Therefore, aluminum alloy furniture can been used to avoid relevant problems.

Aluminum alloy furniture antibacterial and odor-free

The newly renovated house has a fatal harm - pollution and odor. The pungent smell of chemical materials brought by the decoration is difficult to remove in short-term. No matter how much air freshener is used, the odor still disturbs your private space for a long time. The problem is that such an odor always endangers the health of you and your family. Guangsheng Song , the director of the Environmental Monitoring Center of the China Interior Decoration Association, said that indoor pollution is mainly caused by formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and radioactive substances. These harmful chemicals contained in variety of wood-based panels, adhesives, wallpapers, etc.

The main material of aluminum alloy furniture is aluminum alloy, which avoids the odor hazards of traditional wood and wood-based panels.

Aluminum alloy furniture is strong and durable

The hardness of diamonds is level 10, and that of aluminum alloys is also level 10. Aluminum alloy was originally selected for the door, window and curtain wall series, which is obvious in strength, hardness, thickness, density, waterproof and moisture-proof! When it’s switched to furniture products, regardless of performance and service life, which has been repeatedly tested and has strong durability.

Aluminum alloy furniture value preservation and recycling

Traditional house-ware products begin to depreciate at the moment consume, and finally been  replaced and discarded . In the consumers’ perspective , the current market pays more and more attention of the products’ service cycle and hedging value. Compare and select the best is the rule of the market operation, so the advantages of high-quality products are undoubtedly revealed. At the macro level, sustainable development, recycling, energy conservation and environmental protection are becoming a new trend. All-aluminum home can not only maintain value and recyclable, but also helpful in energy conservation and environmental protection.

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