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Aluminum alloy in automobile lightweight

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Advantages of aluminum alloy:

Aluminum is a light metal with good conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. At the same time, the machinability of aluminum alloy is better than that of traditional metal materials. The melting point of aluminum is low. In the whole process of use and recycling, the recovery rate of aluminum is not less than 90%. Aluminum alloy has very good regeneration. Therefore, aluminum alloy is the most ideal material to realize automobile lightweight at present.

The use of aluminum alloy parts on the automobile can effectively reduce the weight of the whole automobile, reduce the center of gravity of the automobile and truly realize the lightweight of the automobile. After the car is lightweight, the acceleration performance of the car will be improved during driving. At the same time, the car will be more stable and comfortable, and the noise and vibration will also be improved.ford aluminum truck price - YuanfarAluminum

Application of aluminum alloy in automobile lightweight:

Cast aluminum alloy is most widely used in the current automobile lightweight process. It is mainly used in automobile engine, chassis, wheel hub and other structures, mainly including aluminum alloy forgings, metal die castings, aluminum alloy extrusion and drawing products. The engine has always been known as the "heart" part of the automobile. The application of aluminum alloy on cylinder head, cylinder block, piston and other parts can not only effectively reduce the overall weight of the engine, but also timely dissipate the heat generated in the engine work project and improve the working efficiency of the engine.

Development trend of aluminum alloy in automobile lightweight:

The weldability of aluminum alloy plate in use is worse than that of steel. Improve the welding performance and welding quality of aluminum alloy plate and improve the application range of aluminum alloy. Hot forming technology, superplastic forming technology and electromagnetic coincidence forming technology are used to improve the formability and forming quality of aluminum alloy panels.

At present, in addition to the traditional aluminum alloy metal materials, aluminum matrix composites have been well used in automobile lightweight manufacturing with the advantages of low density, high strength and high corrosion resistance. Compared with the traditional cast iron piston, the weight of automobile engine piston made of aluminum matrix composites is reduced by about 10%, while the heat dissipation is increased by 4 times. Restricted by price and production quality control, aluminum matrix composites have not formed a large scale, but they have shown their excellent performance in some auto parts.

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