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aluminum anodizing's characteristics

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The characteristics of aluminum anodic oxidation in different electrolytes

According to the anodized oxidation in different electrolyte solutions, their process characteristics and the characteristics of forming anodized membranes are briefly introduced.

1. Phosphoric acid anodized phosphoric acid anodizing was used in the early stage of aluminum electroplating. At present, it is mainly used for surface treatment of aluminum printed circuit boards and the pretreatment of aluminum workpiece cementing. The aperture of the phosphate anodizing film is relatively large, and the adhesion to the coating is better, but the corrosion resistance and mechanical strength are relatively poor. Phosphoric acid anodization is also used to prepare a black anodizing film of the heat absorption board in the solar heat absorber, or as a substrate coated with organic matter.aluminium frame price-YuanfarAluminum

2. Boric acid anodizing Due to the low corrosivity of boric acid to the oxide film, boric acid anodizing forms a barrier-type anodizing film, which is usually used in electrolyte capacitors.

3. Mixed acid anodizing takes into account certain special needs, such as reducing the corrosivity of liquid acid solutions and improving the hardness and wear resistance of the anodizing film. Some organic acids (such as oxalic acid, tartartaric acid, etc.) can be added. Early overall coloring was called "one-time electrolytic coloring" in Japan, that is, using The combination of inorganic acids is used as an anodized solution, so the coloring effect is obtained while anodizing.

4. Alkaline solution anodized alkaline solution anodized alkaline solution can only be used as the bottom layer of the coating. Due to the rough oxide film, large porosity and poor wear resistance, the application range is quite limited.

5. Bright Anode Oxidation Bright Anode Oxidation usually refers to the anodization of maintaining or minimizing the brightness of the original surface light, which cannot be understood as the purpose of brightening through anodizing. Aluminum alloy type and the brightness of the original surface are the basis of bright anodizing. For example, 1xxx series pure aluminum or 6463 aluminum alloy are ideal materials for bright anodizing. After the most commonly used 6063 aluminum alloy anodization, it is difficult to maintain the brightness of the original surface, especially when the thickness of its oxide film reaches more than 10μm.

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