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Aluminum container recycling brings new opportunities for waste sorting

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At present, many medium and large-sized cities in China started to implement waste classification. According to the requirements, the waste should be divided into recyclable waste, kitchen waste, other waste and hazardous waste. Citizen should understand how to do garbage classification in order to classify accurately. In this way, the efficiency of waste classification and following treatment and utilization for waste would be improved.

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In such situation, the dispute on the material optimization of to go lunch boxes and food packaging containers is more clear. The advantages of aluminum foil lunch box, aluminum foil food packaging container and household aluminum foil stands out in packing industry. Aluminum foil has many characteristics and advantages, including: safe and health, high and low temperature resistance, environmental friendly, energy saving, good sealing, convenient. Aluminum foil lunch boxes, aluminum containers and household aluminum foil will gradually become the first choice for the city which implement rubbish classification compulsory.

It should be highlighted that good recyclability is the biggest advantage for aluminum foil products, so it is also the reason the industry would be extend. All the aluminum lunch boxes/ container and the aluminum foil paper (used to pack hamburgers and cookies, and the cover of lunch boxes) used on airplane would be recycle concentrate in airport. A recycle company would do the cleaning and drying, then they would send them to the aluminum recycling factory for remelting, then NEW aluminum ingot would be produced. We can find recycle aluminum in car, furniture computer, window and so on.

The classification of waste has brought new opportunities for aluminum  container/lunch box recycling industry. and it helps for the expansion of this industry. In many leaflets and apps about garbage classification, they classified lunch boxes as "other garbage", which is OK for lunch boxes made of normal materials. However, the used aluminum foil lunch box, containers and aluminum foil can be regarded as "recyclable garbage"

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Plastic lunch boxes and containers almost have no recycling value .They would produce toxic gas: Dioxin. so only land filled does works , however it’s difficult to degrade. Only aluminum foil lunch boxes, containers and related products can be recycled and reused totally, then they step into a new recycling system.

As a environment-Friendly material, aluminum foil is widely used in food packing industry, not only containers and lunch box. Yuanfar company has been committed to food packaging aluminum foil many years, thickness can be from 6 μ m to 90 μ m, widely used in food container, soft drink packaging, food packaging, aluminum plastic/ aluminum paper composite packaging and other fields.

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