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Aluminum distribution

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Aluminum distribution

From the perspective of aluminum processing industry, the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Bohai rim and other three regions, represented by Henan, have developed rapidly in the central region. Since the new century, the proportion of the total output of the top 10 provinces and regions in the total output of aluminum processing materials in the country has gradually increased, which was 82.1% in 2000, 84.7% in 2005, 87.1% in 2006 and 87.63% in 2007. The output ranking of Guangdong and Henan provinces continues to maintain the top two, and the proportion is still rising. The provinces with relatively rapid output growth are Shandong and Hunan. Shandong ranks third from the sixth in 2006, with output close to 1million tons, reaching 994800 tons, an increase of 85.6% over 2006. Hunan Province came from behind with a good performance of 211200 tons, squeezing Hebei Province, which has a relatively small increase in output, out of the top ten.

The construction aluminum profile industry in Guangdong Province has a prominent position and absolute advantages in China. Guangdong Province is a major province of aluminum profile processing and manufacturing in China, and also a major province of aluminum consumption. At present, the aluminum processing volume in Guangdong Province is more than 3million tons / year, and the comprehensive output value is more than 100billion yuan, which has formed an industry with obvious scale advantages and brand advantages. According to the statistics of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, in 2006, there were more than 560 aluminum profile factories with production licenses in China and more than 210 in Guangdong Province; Among the top 10 enterprises in aluminum extrusion production in China, Guangdong Province accounts for 6. The production of aluminum profile in Guangdong Province accounts for about 55% of the country, and the market share exceeds 45% of the country. There are 17 aluminum processing enterprises with Chinese famous brands in China, and 10 units in Guangdong Province, including 9 aluminum profile factories and 1 strip foil manufacturer.

Aluminum export

In 2007, China's net aluminum exports increased by 110.0% (see Table 2). Among them, the contribution of flat rolled products is obvious. The export of profiles was 845000 tons, an increase of only 24.1% over 2006, and the growth rate decreased by 56.1% year-on-year. Mainly affected by the recession of the real estate industry in Europe and the United States and the cancellation of export tax rebates by the state on July 1.

Aluminum trends

(1) Electrolytic aluminum and processing enterprises extend mutuallyford aluminum body suppliers - YuanfarAluminum

Typical large-scale electrolytic aluminum enterprises include: Chinalco Lanzhou Liancheng Aluminum Co., Ltd., Chinalco Qinghai Aluminum Co., Ltd., Henan Jiaozuo Wanfang Aluminum Co., Ltd., Qingtongxia Aluminum Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Huolinhe Hongjun aluminum power group, Henan Xichuan, Zhejiang East China Aluminum Co., Ltd. have increased aluminum processing projects or casting billet projects. Processing enterprises look for partners or factories in resource areas, such as Bohai aluminum, Yinbai, Huachang and other enterprises.

(2) Chinese aluminum processing enterprises actively listed for financing

Aluminum processing enterprises use domestic and foreign capital markets to actively carry out financing in various ways to obtain necessary financial support for the development and growth of enterprises. Aluminum processing enterprises that have been listed include Chinalco Northwest Aluminum, Shandong Nanshan, Zhejiang Dongliang, Changshu aluminum foil, Xinjiang Zhonghe, etc. The enterprises that are preparing to be listed include Henan Mingtai, Guangdong Xingfa, Minfa, Shandong Lufeng aluminum foil, xiashun, Suzhou luopskin, etc.

(3) The successful application of high-speed train body profiles in 300km/h trains with independent intellectual property rights in China marks that China has entered the ranks of countries in the world that can produce 300km/h high-speed train profiles.

(4) The proportion of industrial profiles and high-end energy-saving building profiles increased.

(5) Various new technologies have been applied in aluminum processing and production.

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