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Aluminum extrusion has process characteristics

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Aluminum extrusion molding is to apply strong pressure to the metal billet placed in the die cavity (or extrusion cylinder) to force the metal billet to produce directional plastic deformation and extrude it from the die hole of the extrusion die to obtain the desired cross-section Plastic processing method for parts or semi-finished products of shape, size and certain mechanical properties.

To classification of aluminum extrusion:china Aluminum Foil - YuanfarAluminum

According to the flow direction of metal plastic deformation, extrusion can be divided into the following categories:

Positive extrusion: During production, the direction of metal flow is the same as that of the punch

Back extrusion: During production, the direction of metal flow is opposite to the direction of movement of the punch

Compound extrusion: During production, the flow direction of a part of the blank is the same as that of the punch, and the other part of the metal flows in the opposite direction of the punch.

Radial extrusion: During production, the direction of metal flow is 90 degrees to the direction of movement of the punch

To process characteristics of aluminum extrusion

1. In the extrusion process, the extruded metal can obtain a more intense and uniform three-dimensional compression stress state in the deformation zone than rolling forging, which can give full play to the plasticity of the processed metal itself;

2. Extrusion molding can produce not only rods, tubes, shapes, and wire products with simple cross-sectional shapes, but also profiles and tubes with complex cross-sectional shapes;

3. Extrusion molding has great flexibility. It only needs to replace the extrusion tools such as molds to produce products with different shapes, specifications and varieties on one equipment. The operation of replacing the extrusion mold is simple, fast, time-saving and efficient;

4. The precision of extruded products is high, the surface quality of the products is good, and the utilization rate and yield of metal materials are improved;

5. The extrusion process has a good effect on the mechanical properties of the metal;

6. The process flow is short, the production is convenient, and one-time extrusion can obtain an overall structure with a larger area than hot die forging or forming rolling. The equipment investment is low, the mold cost is low, and the economic benefit is high;

7. Aluminum alloy has good extrusion characteristics and is especially suitable for extrusion processing. It can be processed by a variety of extrusion processes and a variety of mold structures.

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