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Aluminum foil application

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Aluminum foil application

Preparation of polyaluminum chloride from waste aluminum foil

Polyaluminum chloride is a kind of inorganic polymer flocculant commonly used. The wide range of raw materials for the production of polyaluminum chloride has laid a foundation for its development. In particular, the variety of production processes provides convenience for the development of polyaluminum chloride.

The production and application of inorganic polymer flocculants have reached a large scale at home and abroad, and the theoretical research has also made in-depth development. The raw materials for preparation mainly include bauxite, aluminum hydroxide, waste molecular sieve catalyst, etc., and the preparation methods mainly include wet method, electrolysis method, etc. Some scholars believe that waste aluminum foil has high economic value of recycling. Through experiments, he studied the best conditions for preparing polyaluminum chloride from waste aluminum foil and the scope of application of water purification.

With the development of industry and the rapid growth of urban population, the pollution of water resources is becomingaluminum price - YuanfarAluminum more and more serious, the sewage that needs purification treatment is also increasing, and the demand for water purification agent is increasing. Due to the different number of hydroxyl groups in the polyaluminum chloride molecule, when the polyaluminum chloride is added to the turbid source water, it will continue to hydrolyze under the pH condition of the source water, accompanied by a series of physical and chemical processes such as condensation, adsorption and precipitation, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying water. Waste aluminum foil comes from a wide range of sources, mainly from cigarettes, food and drug packaging. Its main component is metal aluminum, which has high economic and social value of recycling. Through experimental research, the optimum conditions and application scope of making polyaluminum chloride from waste aluminum foil have certain practical significance in improving resource utilization and protecting the environment.

Aluminum foil development

The consumption of aluminum foil in China is increasing year by year, from 300000 tons in 2001 to about 1.3 million tons in 2010, with a compound annual growth rate of 18%; Although China is the world's second largest aluminum foil consumer after the United States, there is still a large room for growth in China's aluminum foil market.

In terms of production and operation, specialized aluminum foil enterprises need to be meticulous in order to meet the needs of users in the specific aluminum foil market in an all-round way with their professional skills, and to develop more suitable new aluminum foil materials in combination with the continuous innovation of users' products. Specialized aluminum foil enterprises obtain stable operating income by providing special high-quality, high-performance and high value-added products and services to specific users.

Aluminum foil enterprises can cooperate with aluminum processing market research institutions to fully study and demonstrate their market, adopt the mode of professional development, and make brands in the segmented aluminum foil market. Although the horizontal scale of the new aluminum foil market is small, it can extend the industrial chain vertically, and process the aluminum foil materials into terminal products. Relying on the high added value of the products can offset the lack of the capacity scale of the professional market, and relying on the competitive advantage of specialized brands, it can still obtain better business benefits.

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