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Aluminum foil bags' characteristics

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Aluminum foil bag is a kind of high-end packaging bag, and the printed aluminum foil bag is even more magnificent. It not only improves the grade of products packaged in aluminum foil bag, but also increases the display value of aluminum foil bag packaging products. It is widely used in trademarks and packaging of high-end products. 

Aluminum foil bags are also widely used in the fields of food and medical packaging. Aluminum foil and plastic film composite aluminum foil bags make effective use of the characteristics of high temperature cooking and complete shading to make cooking bags, which can be used to package cooked foods. Multilayer  Composite film is also used for small food packaging such as biscuits, snacks, and beverages.best Aluminum Foil - YuanfarAluminum

Aluminum foil bags have the following characteristics

The aluminum foil bag has metallic luster, good light resistance, and high reflection ability to heat and light. The metallic luster and reflection ability can improve the brightness of the printing color; good insulation, strong protection, impermeable body and water vapor, and prevent the contents  It absorbs moisture, vaporizes, and is not susceptible to bacteria and insects; it has good shape stability and is not affected by changes in humidity.  It is easy to process and can be used for printing, color difference, embossing, surface coating, gluing and painting on aluminum foil bags; composite aluminum foil bags also have the advantages of insulation.

production process

The production process of aluminum foil bags is simple and cumbersome. The overall production process is: aluminum ingot --- smelting-casting-cold --- rolling-intermediate --- annealing-cold rolling-aluminum foil --- wool-rough --- rolling-intermediate --- rolling-finishing ---  Rolling (double combination)-slitting-aluminum foil finished --- annealing-composite-bag making-aluminum foil bag finished product-packaging. 

In this process, it is the whole process from the aluminum foil wool to the processing of the plain foil, and then the composite bag is made. In order to save cost and time, aluminum foil bag production companies generally choose to purchase aluminum foil film directly, and then carry out material composite bag making.

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