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Aluminum foil for food container

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Aluminum foil for food container is a kind of tableware widely used

The thickness of aluminum foil is generally between 0.03mm ~ 0.20mm, which can be divided into wrinkled and wrinkle free. It can also be divided into disposable and reusable. In fact, it is a production process of 3-Series or 8-series aluminum ingot raw material, which is cold rolled or hot rolled into aluminum foil master coil with uniform thickness, smooth surface, no pinhole, no dust particles and no peculiar smell. It is formed by one-time full-automatic cold stamping with special equipment and dies.stamping forming company - YuanfarAluminum

The product is light in weight and meets the national food hygiene standards. Moreover, the recycling is convenient, no harmful substances are produced in the treatment process, and the renewable resources are not polluted. Aluminum foil for food container product series are mostly used in aviation food and cake food retail, with fast renewal speed and large consumption. Suitable for bulk sale. Aluminum foil for food container are used in many places for cooking and finished food packaging in cake food stores. The product market is wide and the popularity is wide.

Aluminum foil has outstanding barrier performance

On the premise of sufficient thickness of aluminum foil, it can basically completely block gas and moisture. Therefore, in plastic flexible packaging materials, aluminum foil is used as a common barrier material, and aluminum foil has a series of advantages such as light weight, good sealing and coating. It is mainly hygienic, beautiful and can also be insulated to a certain extent.

Aluminum foil for food container are surface coated, which has little to do with the thickness of aluminum foil

It not only meets the national hygienic standard for food containers, but also adapts to the international trend of environmental protection. The product can be directly heated in the gas oven and baked in the microwave oven without fear of danger, which brings great convenience to people.

The food container can be recycled, which reduces pollution and saves resources. It is a good choice. In the context of people's increasing attention to environmental protection, it has developed rapidly in recent years, and many enterprises have begun to seize the market, with infinite and broad prospects in the future.

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