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Aluminum foil is widely used in food packaging

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Aluminum foil is widely used in food packaging

On 29th May,  The 2th China aluminum foil- packaging ExpoThe 10th China Flower Expo  would be held in Chong mingMing, Shanghai. There is an environmental friendly bench in this expo, which is quite eye-catching:  It’s made of 5027000 pcs waste milk box:battery hacks aluminium foil for sale - YuanfarAluminum Breaking the milk box in pieces, and then produce by special technology in high pressure.

The design team said that in food packing industry, there is a scientific name for packaging material such as milk box: paper based aluminum composite packaging.  

It’s a kind of aluminum composite structural with 6 layers: 73% pulp, 20% PE, 7% coated aluminum. As a environment-Friendly material, aluminum foil is widely used in food packaging industry, Yuanfar company has been committed to food packaging aluminum foil many years, thickness can be from 6 μ m to 90 μ m, widely used in food container, soft drink packaging, food packaging, aluminum plastic/ aluminum paper composite packaging and other fields.

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