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Aluminum foil : multiple strategy

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Aluminum foil there are have multiple strategy :

(1) Supply: May 2021, the domestic production of 3.36 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 10.7%. Yunnan District has been reduced by more than 800,000 tons. It is expected to return from July, and the new production capacity of the original plan is delayed, and the annual output is reduced by about 500,000 tons.

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(2) Demand: The price decline triggers the mood downstream, at the same time, the limit of the limit and the influence of the epidemic, causing a small decline in the intermediate operating rate.

(3) Inventory: Social inventory fell 0.8 million tons to 9.54 million tons.

Last week, the ADP data was expected to raise the market's concerns about the federal reserves in advance, the non-ferrous metal market suffered heavy losses, but then it returns partial decline.

Before the announcement of the ADP data, the rumor will announce the selection of aluminum ingots next Monday, so Shanghai-aluminum prices have fallen sharply, but Shanghai aluminum recovered partial decline.

Aluminum strip, the operating rate of the leading enterprises maintains a high level, which does not wait for 1-2 months. Some enterprises expressed as the production safety considerations, in June, it is prepared by turning inspection, so the start rate of the leading enterprises will drop slightly.

Aluminum foil, the operating rate of leading enterprises fell by 2 percentage points to 89.6%. Guangdong's limit power and epidemic affected partial order.

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