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Aluminum foil's application in battery

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The rapid development of the new energy vehicle market has boosted the demand for aluminum foil. As a new application market, aluminum foil for battery will drive the demand for aluminum foil to show a rapid growth trend.aluminium battery company - YuanfarAluminum

The growth of aluminum foil for  battery demand has brought new opportunities to aluminum foil enterprises

Many midstream aluminum processing enterprises have made production adjustments, laid out in the battery aluminum foil market in advance, prepared to explore the new energy power battery application market, and get new business opportunities. Supplyment is tightening and prices are rising, but downstream enterprises' demand for aluminum foil has not decreased, and it is becoming increasingly strong, which has even lead to the "explosion of orders" by aluminum foil manufacturers. The contradiction between supply and demand highlights that new energy vehicles and other vehicles are becoming the main driving force for the explosive growth of demand for power battery aluminum foil. The vigorous development of the new energy industry has driven the explosive growth of power batteries and brought continuous orders to the aluminum processing industry.

Battery aluminum foil acts on the cathode of the battery and is a collector in the power battery. Battery aluminum foil can greatly reduce the contact resistance between positive/negative materials and collectors, and improve the adhesion between the two, thus significantly improving the endurance of new power batteries.

With the vigorous development of the new energy vehicle market, there is a huge new demand for battery aluminum foil. It is estimated that the overall demand for battery aluminum foil may reach about 378 thousand  tons in 2025, with a compound growth rate of 32% from 2021 to 2025.

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