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Aluminum is one of the most widely used metals in the world

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Aluminum is one of the most widely used metals in the world, but do you know which countries produce the most aluminum in the world? Aluminum is the second most commonly used metal after steel, and it is also one of the most abundant metal elements in the crust. Although you may not be aware of aluminum in your life, it's all around you. One of the biggest characteristics of aluminum is its recovery capacity. Aluminum can be almost 100% recycled. It is worth mentioning that although aluminum has high quality, pure aluminum is rarely used. In general, aluminum is used in combination with other metals or as part of an aluminum compound. Because of its main use, aluminum is produced in large quantities all over the world. It is estimated that the world's aluminum production is about 64 million tons.Now, let's look at the top aluminum producing countries:

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1. China :Aluminum production in 2018 (10000 tons): 3580.0 ; Aluminum production in 2019 (10000 tons): 3600.0

2. India: Aluminum production in 2018 (10000 tons): 368.0; Aluminum production in 2019 (10000 tons): 370.0

3. Russia:Aluminum production in 2018 (10000 tons): 363.0;Aluminum production in 2019 (10000 tons): 360.0

4. Canada:Aluminum production in 2018 (10000 tons): 292.0;Aluminum production in 2019 (10000 tons): 290.0

5. United Arab Emirates:Aluminum production in 2018 (10000 tons): 264.0;Aluminum production in 2019 (10000 tons): 270.0

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