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Aluminum production and transportation are slightly hindered

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Since July 17, heavy rain has occurred in Zhengzhou, Pingdingshan and other places in Henan Province, and heavy rain has occurred in some areas. With the continuous heavy rainfall, Henan Province entered the main flood season. In many areas, there is serious water accumulation, which affects the production of aluminum factories and the purchasing situation is serious. In view of the above situation, our non-ferrous network organization conducted a survey on enterprises in Henan Province. The survey found that Gongyi area has a heavy impact, and the aluminum plant has basically suspended procurement and production. Among them, the large-scale aluminum sheet and strip enterprise a has suspended the acquisition of scrap aluminum and stopped production. B, a large aluminum plate and strip enterprise, said it was affected, but production and procurement were not suspended, but transportation was difficult and unloading was slow. Changge was less affected, manufacturers located in low-lying areas were more seriously affected, and other manufacturers' procurement and production were normal. There are many dismantling factories in Changge. The rainstorm caused the dismantling speed to slow down, and some dismantling factories shut down.

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According to the forecast of China Meteorological Administration, there will be continuous rainfall in Henan in the next 1-2 days, especially in the surrounding areas of Zhengzhou. Henan is a big consumer province of recycled aluminum in China. The rainstorm has affected many enterprises to stop purchasing.  According to the different products, we have cooperated with more than a dozen factories all the year round. All of them are leaders in the industry. With the close cooperation we have all along, the factory guarantees the quality of our products and at the same time gives us competitive prices. Please be assured that we will update, manage and classify our suppliers according to the ever-increasing product categories, we will choose the most suitable factory for you according to the purpose of your products. Most of our factories are in Henan, there are some factories in Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangdong and other places, most of  China’s aluminum strip suppliers are concentrated in Henan. In the next few days, the supply of recycled aluminum in other provinces will be relatively sufficient, and the shortage of market supply will be slightly eased.

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