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Aluminum reacts with water

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Aluminum is a chemical element. Its chemical symbol is al, and its atomic number is 13. Aluminum is the most abundant metal element in the crust, ranking third only to oxygen and silicon. Among the metal varieties, it is the second largest type of metal, second only to steel. At the end of the 19th century, aluminum came to the fore and became a competitive metal in engineering applications. The development of three important industries, aviation, construction and automobile, requires that the material properties have the unique properties of aluminum and its alloys, which is greatly conducive to the production and application of this new metal aluminum. Aluminum is widely used.

Aluminum reacts with water

Experiment description

According to the reducibility of aluminum, it can be inferred that aluminum can react with water, but experiments have found that there is almost no reaction between aluminum and boiling water, so many people believe that aluminum does not react with water. In fact, aluminum can react significantly with water under heating conditions, but a dense oxide film is formed with oxygen in the water at the beginning of the reaction to prevent the reaction from proceeding further.

Experimental improvement

After the dense oxide film on the surface of aluminum is removed with sodium hydroxide solution, the stripped aluminum reacts with mercury nitrate solution, and the replaced mercury elementary substance reacts with aluminum elementary substance to form aluminum amalgam, so that some lattice aluminum atoms are occupied by mercury atoms, so that dense oxides cannot be generated, and the reaction between aluminum and water can be further carried out

Aluminum in boiling water

Physical and chemical properties and constantsbest aluminium automotive - YuanfarAluminum

Silver white, shiny, tough and light texture, with ductility.

Aluminum used for daily utensils is usually called "steel essence" or "steel grade".

Element name: Aluminum

Element type: Metal

Atomic weight of element: 26.98

Atomic volume (CC / mol):10.0

Chinese name of element: content of aluminum in the sun (PPM):60

Content of elements in seawater Pacific surface (PPM):0.00013

English name of element: Aluminum

Relative atomic mass: 26.98

Content in crust (PPM): 82000

Number of protons in the nucleus: 13

Number of extranuclear electrons: 13

Number of nuclear power: 13

Oxidation state: main al+3

Other Al0, Al+2

Proton mass: 2.1749e-26

Relative mass of proton: 13.091

Period: 3

Number of families: IIIA

Molar mass: 27

Hydride: ALH ₃

Oxide: al‹o ₃

Chemical formula of the highest valence oxide: al‹o ₃

Density: 2.702g/c ㎡

Melting point: 660.37 ℃

Boiling point: 2467.0 ℃

Ignition point: 550 ℃

Thermal conductivity w/ (m · K):237

Chemical bond energy: (kJ /mol)

Al-H 285

Al-C 225

Al-O 585

Al-F 665

Al-Cl 498

Al-Al 200

Propagation rate of sound in it: (m/s)

five thousand

Ionization energy (kj/ mol)

M - M+ 577.4

M+ - M2+ 1816.6

M2+ - M3+ 2744.6

M3+ - M4+ 11575

M4+ - M5+ 14839

M5+ - M6+ 18376

M6+ - M7+ 23293

M7+ - M8+ 27457

M8+ - M9+ 31857

M9+ - M10+ 38459

Mohs hardness: 2.75

Peripheral electronic layout: 3s2 3P1

Extranuclear electron arrangement: 2,8,3

Crystal structure: the cell is face centered cubic cell, and each cell contains 4 metal atoms

Cell parameters:

a = 404.95 pm

b = 404.95 pm

c = 404.95 pm

α =  90°

β =  90°

γ =  90°

Color and state: silver white metal

Atomic radius: 1.82

Common valence: +3

Discoverer: estede, weller

Time and place of discovery: 1825 Denmark

Element source: the most abundant metal element in the crust, with a content of more than 7%

Element usage: it can be used as daily utensils, because it has oxide film and will not rust. Aluminum alloy can be used as the structural material of aircraft, ships and rockets. Pure aluminum can be used as ultra-high voltage cable.

Industrial process: mixture of electrolytic fused alumina and cryolite

Other compounds: ALCL ₃ aluminum chloride, NaAlO ₃ sodium metaaluminate, Al (OH) ₃ aluminum hydroxide

Expansion introduction: the silver white trivalent metal element with blue color has good ductility, toughness and can make [loud] sound. It is famous for its light, good conductivity and thermal conductivity, high reflectivity and oxidation resistance.

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