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Application fields of thin aluminum

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Raw and auxiliary materials for industrial manufacturing: air conditioning foil, automobile brazing composite aluminum foil, thermal insulation aluminum foil products, PS plate base aluminum foil, etc

Application fields of thin aluminum

1. Air conditioner foil:

(1) The thickness of the air conditioner foil is thinner: As the forming method of the air conditioner cooling fins is changed from traditional stretching forming to thinning stretching forming (high-speed thin-walling), the thickness of the aluminum foil tends to be thinner, which will be reduced from 0.095mm to 0.09mm-0.08mm.

(2) The application proportion of hydrophilic aluminum foil will increase: hydrophilic foil refers to the coating of anti-corrosion inorganic coating and hydrophilic organic coating on the surface of aluminum foil, which has the effects of anti-corrosion, mold prevention and no odor, and is mainly used in radiators (mainly for air conditioners, but also for some capacitors). Good formability and no wear to die; Extremely strong stamping resistance, solubility resistance and heat resistance; The air flow resistance is small, the heat exchange rate is generally 10% - 15% higher than that of the optical foil, and the heat sink can reduce the wind resistance, noise, energy consumption and service life. Therefore, the proportion of hydrophilic aluminum foil in the total aluminum foil of air conditioners will increase, and it is expected to reach 80% by 2010. (3) The varieties of hydrophilic aluminum foil will be further refined: in order to meet the requirements of subdivision of the household air conditioner market, highly corrosion-resistant hydrophilic aluminum foil, antibacterial hydrophilic aluminum foil, super hydrophilic aluminum foil and nano organic hydrophilic aluminum foil will be industrialized.

(4) The mandatory improvement of the refrigeration efficiency of air conditioners promotes the consumption of aluminum foil for single air conditioner.extra wide aluminium foil suppliers - YuanfarAluminum

2. Automobile brazing composite aluminum foil:

The performance quality of brazed composite aluminum foil is reflected in the excellent surface quality, accurate size, flat plate type, uniform alloy structure, good molding performance, uniform coating, good weldability, and further improvement of its heat resistance, collapse resistance, and weldability. The lightening of cars has promoted the aluminization rate. Aluminum foil for radiator of cars and light vehicles will replace copper foil. The market of brazed composite aluminum foil for automotive heat exchanger is a growing market, which will develop faster than other aluminum foil varieties. It is estimated that the sales cost of automobile brazing composite aluminum foil will reach 52000 tons by 2009.

3. Thermal insulation aluminum foil products:

Thermal insulation aluminum foil products will be the fastest growing variety of aluminum foil for building: under the situation of increasingly tight energy, more and more energy-saving building materials are needed

It is the cheapest and fastest way to save energy by using thermal insulation materials. From abroad, Japan uses aluminum foil corrugated paperboard, aluminum foil mineral wool board, aluminum foil polyethylene film frame board for building insulation of factories, residences, livestock racks; In France, aluminum foil asbestos corrugated board and aluminum foil foam sandwich board are used to make roof insulation and sound absorption materials; In Russia, aluminum foil composite thermal insulation materials are used for wall, roof and floor insulation. The domestic building thermal insulation and energy conservation also presents a new development trend. Aluminum foil thermal insulation roof has been widely used in Henan, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Guizhou, Zhejiang, Hubei and Jiangxi, and this trend will be further expanded.

4. Aluminum foil for PS plate base:

With the development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, China's packaging and printing industries continue to grow. The output value of the printing industry is increasing at an annual rate of more than 20%. PS based aluminum foil has become one of the aluminum foil varieties with the fastest growth potential in the market.

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