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Chromize Free Passivation For Aluminum Chromize Free Passivation For Aluminum
Chromize Free Passivation For Aluminum Chromize Free Passivation For Aluminum
Chromize Free Passivation For Aluminum Chromize Free Passivation For Aluminum
Chromize Free Passivation For Aluminum Chromize Free Passivation For Aluminum


Chromize Free Passivation For Aluminum

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aluminum for medicine closures with chromium free passivation

The Chromize Free Passivation Treatment is an intermediate process, which protect the aluminum surface with a chemical reagent. It can increase the surface roughness and superficial area, then to enhance the surface protective capacity and coating adhesion, Then it will avoid or reduce the coating shedding in the subsequent processing.

The aluminum for wines closures (≥3cm) and medicine closures should have Chromize Free Passivation Treatment, the high strength of deep drawing and partial severe deformation will make the coating fall off,  it is necessary. After treatment, the aluminum may have problems when it across the coating machine. It is a normal condition. Using DOS oil after phosphor treatment to solve this problem. DOS oil can protect the aluminum surface, and it is easy to volatilize, so will not affect the final printing effect.

Chromize Free Passivation For Aluminum Inspection

We will inspect every batch of goods before delivery, the quality of the goods is strictly controlled.

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Aluminum Coil For Electronic Exhibition

Every year, we participate in international exhibitions in the industry.

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Aluminum With DOS Oil Loading Pictures

We have rich experience in vertical packaging, horizontal packaging, wooden pallets, wooden cases, loading and reinforcement solutions, and will try to help you save costs by providing you with reasonable container packaging solutions.

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Aluminum For Wines Closures With Chromium Free Passivation FAQ

1. How long is the delivery time?

The Delivery time is generally about 35-45 days, because of our long-term cooperation with the factory, they usually arrange our goods first as far as possible, which is one of our advantages, so we will try our best to get a shorter delivery time.

2. The terms of payment

30% T/T prepayment, the balance will be done by T/T before shipment.

3. What are the surface treatment of aluminum?

Anodizing, coating, wire drawing, polishing, sandblasting, etc.


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