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Classification of aluminum materials for air conditioners

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At present, air conditioners are gradually developing towards miniaturization, high efficiency and high service life. And the heat exchange aluminum for air conditioner is developing in the direction of ultra-thin and high-intensity. In order to improve the life of air conditioner, to reduce power consumption, to improve ventilation quality and improve refrigeration effect, a variety of aluminum for air conditioner  have been developed. Here below is the main classification of aluminum  for air conditioner heat exchange.

1. Mill finish aluminum

Mill finish aluminum foil refers to aluminum foil that has been rolled and annealed without any treatment on the surface. Ten years ago, China use mill finish aluminum foil for air conditioner heat exchange . Even at present, about 50% of heat exchange usage are still mill finish aluminum.  In developed countries, while in China, the ratio is about 60%.largest aluminium companies - YuanfarAluminum

2. Coated aluminum foil

The so-called coated aluminum foil is to reprocess the surface of mill finish aluminum foil so that it has some special function and color. In Japan, Germany and other countries with rapid technological development, the use of coated aluminum foil has a history of more than 15 years. In China, the use of coated aluminum foil does not exceed 10 years.

3. Hydrophilic aluminum foil

The surface of hydrophilic aluminum foil has strong hydrophilicity. The quality of hydrophilic performance is determined by the angle formed after water sticks to the surface of aluminum foil. The smaller the angle, the better the hydrophilic performance, and vice versa. Generally speaking, corner a is less than 35. That is, it belongs to hydrophilic performance. Hydrophilic aluminum foil is generally used in evaporators of air conditioners. Its main function is when water from hot air becomes beads on the heat exchange sheet, it can be easily spread it out and flow down the sheet. In this way, the ventilation effect of the heat exchanger would not be affected by the "bridge" of water droplets, which can improve the heat exchange rate of the air conditioner and save electricity under the condition of the same refrigeration capacity. The general hydrophilic aluminum foil not only had good hydrophilic surface, but also in had high corrosion resistance, so that the performance of air conditioners would be more optimized.

4. Hydrophobic aluminum foil

Hydrophobic aluminum foil, which has the opposite surface performance as hydrophilic aluminum foil. The ultimate purpose of using hydrophobic aluminum foil is as same as hydrophilic aluminum foil, that is, not to keep condensed water between heat exchange parts. The difference is that hydrophobic aluminum foil has the purpose of removing condensed water between heat exchange by increasing the contact angle between condensed water and heat exchangers, so that condensed water can easily forms beads of water and easy to slip.

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