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Cold rolled aluminum sheet and hot rolled's difference

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Compared with hot rolling, the main feature of cold rolling is to obtain thinner plates and strips.

Usually the thickness of the hot-rolled sheet is 6-8 mm. The minimum thickness is 2.5mm-3.0mm. Due to the large temperature drop during the hot rolling process, it is difficult to continue the hot rolling to a thinner thickness, while the cold rolling easily causes the rolled piece to continue to become thinner.

Usually, the cold rolling mill can roll to 0.5-4.5 mm. Advanced cold rolling mills can roll thin or thick foils with a thickness of 0.1-0.2 mm. Cold rolling can produce products with precise dimensions, uniform thickness, good smoothness and surface gloss, good structural performance, and high surface quality.cold rolled aluminum company - YuanfarAluminum

There are four main differences between hot rolled and cold rolled aluminum plates:

1. Different purposes: cold-rolled aluminum sheets are mostly used in molds, and hot-rolled aluminum sheets are suitable for stamping and drawing.

2. Different properties: the hot-rolled aluminum plate has good surface quality, strong mechanical properties and ductility, and good oxidation effect. At the same time, the processed aluminum wafers are generally processed from aluminum plates, which are naturally affected by the properties of aluminum plates;

3. The supply of raw materials is different: the difference between the two is that the supply of billets is different. The hot-rolled billets are vertically cast into billets—heated—rolled into coils for cold rolling, and cold-rolled billets are cast-rolled coils—continuous casting.  Rolling;

4. The production process is different: cold rolling is processed by a casting machine into cast rolls (8mm thickness) and processed by a cold rolling machine, while hot rolling is heated by an aluminum ingot (400-500mm thickness), which is heated at high temperatures.  Rolled by hot rolling mill.

Cold rolling can use cast-rolled billets or hot-rolled billets for processing.

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