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Color-coated aluminum coil's types and application

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Color coated aluminum coil, as the name implies, is painted on the surface of aluminum substrate coloring treatment, common fluorocarbon color coated aluminum coil, polyester color coated aluminum coil, widely used in aluminum-plastic board, industrial factory roof wall, aluminum louvers, composite panels, aluminum ceiling, easy-pull cans, electronic products.

Classification of coated aluminium coil

Color coated aluminum coil coating is divided into: polyester coated aluminum coil (PE) , fluorocarbon coated aluminum coil (PVDF) . The polyester coating formed by baking the surface of the aluminum plate for many times can form a continuous solid film with strong adhesion, which has the protective and decorative characteristics. It is a UV resistant coating, polyester resin is the main chain of high-molecular polymer containing ester bond as a monomer, added alkyd resin, UV absorbents can be divided into sub-gloss and high-gloss series according to gloss. Color aluminum supplies can be given rich colors, and has a good gloss and smoothness, there are superior texture and feel, but also to increase the level and three-dimensional sense. It can protect objects from exposure to ultraviolet radiation, wind, rain, Frost and snow. The coating can protect objects from temperature difference, freeze-thaw cycle, corrosive gases and microorganisms. Especially suitable for interior decoration and advertising board.

Applications of color coated aluminum roll

Color coated aluminum roll has a rich range of colors, whether residential, large commercial outlets or large exhibition center, color coated aluminum roll can be enhanced. Good plasticity and machinability make it an ideal material for all kinds of building modeling. Painted aluminum volumes have provided architects, designers and owners with personalized facades and ceiling, color spaces, and are also the most ideal materials for architectural modeling. Whether it is multi-functional large-scale buildings or unique creative new architecture, painted aluminum roll can always meet the modern and classical architectural style of different requirements, the building made colorful. Products in electronic appliances, instrumentation, lighting, packaging, home decoration and many other fields have been applied.

The products are widely used in construction (aluminum plastic board, aluminum honeycomb, roof wave board, fire veneer, aluminum ceiling, shutters, shutter doors, garage doors, awning, gutter) , electronic appliances (computer chassis, electrical panels) , lighting, furniture, solar reflective panels, air conditioning ducts.

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