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Development history of aluminum foil packaging

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Development history of aluminum foil packaging

Aluminum foil packaging began in the early 20th century. As the most expensive packaging material, aluminum foil was only used for high-end packaging. In 1911, Swiss candy companies began to pack chocolate with aluminum foil, gradually replacing tin foil and becoming popular. In 1913, based on the success of aluminum smelting, the United States also began to produce aluminum foil, which is mainly used for high-end goods, life-saving supplies and chewing gum packaging. In 1921, the United States successfully developed composite aluminum foil cardboard, which is mainly used as decorative board and folding carton for advanced packaging. In 1938, heat sealable aluminum foil paper was introduced. aluminium foil for medicine packaging - YuanfarAluminum

During the Second World War, aluminum foil was rapidly developed as a military packaging material. In 1948, shaped aluminum foil containers were used to package food. In the 1950s, aluminum paper and aluminum plastic composites began to develop. In the 1970s, with the maturity of color printing technology, aluminum foil and aluminum plastic composite packaging entered a period of rapid popularization.

In the 21st century, market competition and the trend of product homogeneity have stimulated the rapid development of product packaging. The scale of the global packaging market in 2002 has exceeded 500 billion US dollars. The development of aluminum foil packaging has basically kept pace with the development of the whole industry. In the Chinese market, aluminum foil packaging has developed faster, mainly for two reasons. First, there is a significant gap between the development of China's flexible packaging market and that of developed countries. 

The proportion of flexible packaging for consumer goods and food is small. Developed countries have accounted for more than 65, some more than 70, while China has accounted for about 15, and the proportion has increased rapidly in the past two years; Second, the domestic aluminum plastic composite and aluminum paper composite technologies have become increasingly mature, and the production cost has been reduced, which has promoted the popularization and application of aluminum matrix composites in the Chinese packaging market.

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