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Development of aluminum industry

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Aluminum overview

Since the reform and opening up, China's aluminum industry has made great progress, and has become a major aluminum industry country in the world, forming a relatively perfect industrial system integrating bauxite, alumina, electrolytic aluminum, aluminum processing, and R & D.

In 2006, Chalco quickly turned from the industry wide loss in 2005 to the industry wide profit of 32.4 billion yuan and profit and tax of more than 50 billion yuan. The rapid centralized expansion of domestic production capacity has led to a year-on-year decline in alumina imports for the first time in 10 years, and the external dependence of alumina has significantly decreased from 45% of the previous year. In recent years, technologies such as enhanced sintering, pipelined digestion, and Bayer beneficiation have been widely used in domestic alumina production; The backward self baking cell production capacity of electrolytic aluminum was eliminated. In 2006, the production capacity of 160kA and above accounted for 83% of the 12million tons of electrolytic aluminum production capacity. The backward self baking cell production capacity has been completely eliminated, and the production capacity of some small pre baking cells has been transformed.lightweight automotive aluminium plate price - YuanfarAluminum

In terms of electrolytic aluminum, the national development and Reform Commission issued a notice that the electricity price adjustment plan will be implemented from June 30, 2006. The national on grid electricity price will increase by an average of 11.74 yuan / thousand kilowatt hour, and the sales electricity price will increase by an average of 24.94 yuan / thousand kilowatt hour, equivalent to an increase of 2.494 cents per degree in the sales electricity price. Since electrolytic aluminum consumes the most electricity among all industrial products, the power consumption per ton of electrolytic aluminum production is as high as 15000 kwh. The state uses electricity price adjustment to regulate this industry, which can enable some electrolytic aluminum enterprises with strong competitiveness to obtain a more favorable living environment, while some small-scale enterprises with backward production capacity may be eliminated.

When energy prices continue to rise, major aluminum companies around the world began to turn their attention to the Middle East and Africa, where electricity prices are low, in building aluminum production bases. It has become the focus of major aluminum companies in the world to ensure the price competitiveness of aluminum production by reducing the electricity charge around the production cost. From the perspective of domestic policies, the national industrial policy positions the aluminum industry to meet domestic demand, and there will be differences in policies for high-end products and low-tech products. Therefore, for the policy and structural inflection points of the industry, upstream and downstream aluminum enterprises should focus on the domestic market and expand the application of aluminum in the domestic market; Expand the application field of aluminum, improve the added value and technical content of aluminum application. In addition, aluminum production enterprises should pay more attention to the development trends of relevant industries and downstream industries, especially grasp the development trends of transportation, power, packaging, household appliances and other industries, and increase technological research and scientific and technological investment.

Overview of China's aluminum profile industry

After more than 50 years of development, China's aluminum profile industry has become a major aluminum profile production country in the world. As of 2007, China has produced more than 600 aluminum extrusion plants and about 3500 extrusion production lines, ranking first in the world in terms of number, production capacity and output, and has become a major producer of aluminum extrusion materials in the world; After the adjustment of product structure and market regulation in recent years, the number of aluminum processing plants has decreased, and the distribution is gradually dispersed; The export of products has increased, becoming the world's most important aluminum profile production and net export country.

Aluminum production

In 2007, the output of aluminum processed materials in China was 11.759 million tons, an increase of 44.3% compared with 8.148 million tons in 2006. It is estimated that the profile is 6.6 million tons, an increase of 36.2% over 2006.

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