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Development of vacuum aluminized film - part 1

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Development of vacuum aluminized film

With the development of vacuum evaporation technology and post-processing technology, the varieties and uses of vacuum aluminized films are expanding, and they are widely used in packaging, decoration and other fields. Typical applications include anodized aluminum hot stamping materials, aluminized paper and transparent film.

1. In order to enhance the decorative effect of printed matter, bronzing is used in post press processing. Use copper zinc relief plate on the hot stamping machine to hot stamp gold or silver foil on the printed matter by heating, so that it looks dazzling and magnificent. The anodized aluminum gilding material is made by vacuum plating aluminum on the treated PET film and then coating an adhesive layer, which is generally composed of five layers.coated aluminum sheet stock - YuanfarAluminum

(1) Base layer. It is a substrate supporting aluminum carbide materials, generally made of PET film, with a thickness of 12-25 microns.

(2) Peel off layer. After coating a peeling layer on the base layer and hot stamping with anodized aluminum, the aluminum plating layer and the dye layer can be smoothly separated from the base layer and adhered to the surface of the printed matter.

(3) Staining layer. Select a resin with good light transmission, film formation and adhesion, and apply it on the release layer after dyeing. Whatever color the dyeing layer is dyed, the anodized aluminum will show, including gold, orange, green, cyan, blue, magenta and other colors.

(4) Aluminum plating layer. Metal aluminum was vapor deposited on the dye layer of the substrate by vacuum evaporation. The evaporated aluminum layer has a high metallic luster. After being transferred by hot stamping, the color of the dyed layer can be reflected like a mirror, which greatly improves the magnificent decorative effect of the printed matter.

(5) Adhesive layer. After melting the hot-melt adhesive material, it is uniformly applied to the surface of the anodized aluminum material. During hot stamping, when the metal plate is heated and pressurized, the adhesive material melts. After leaving the hot stamping plate, the resin of the adhesive layer immediately cools and fixes, and the aluminum foil layer and the dye layer are tightly bonded to the surface of the printed matter. Production process of electrochemical aluminum materials:

Substrate film inspection → coating peel layer → coating dye layer → vacuum aluminum plating → coating adhesive → finished product

2. Aluminized paper is mainly composed of base paper, aluminum layer and coating. Because of its good glossiness, smoothness, flexibility, high fastness of aluminum layer, beautiful and environmental protection, as well as good printing performance and mechanical processing performance, it can be widely used for the exquisite packaging of tobacco, wine, bottle stickers, tea, food, cosmetics, daily chemicals, department stores, gifts, handicrafts and other products, as well as building decoration materials.

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