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Development prospect of aluminum foil packaging

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Development prospect of aluminum foil packaging

The development of aluminum foil packaging is closely related to the progress of material composite technology. Composite materials are divided into base course, functional layer and heat seal layer: the base course mainly plays the role of aesthetics, printing, moisture resistance, etc; The functional layer is mainly used for blocking and avoiding light; The heat seal layer is in direct contact with the package and has the functions of adaptability, permeability resistance, heat sealing, etc. With the development of basic materials and composite technology, the function of aluminum foil packaging will continue to improve.

Aluminum foil for medical packaging

In 2002, the output value of the global pharmaceutical packaging industry was nearly 11 billion US dollars, with an average growth rate of 4,. The output value of China's pharmaceutical packaging market is about 1.8 billion dollars, with an buy anodized aluminum foil - YuanfarAluminumaverage annual growth rate of more than 10,. Aluminum foil is mainly used for blister packaging in pharmaceutical packaging. The blister packaging is mainly made of PVC sheet and 0.02mm thick aluminum foil. Blister packaging has become the most important packaging method for western medicine tablets and capsules. At present, the annual demand for aluminum foil for blister packaging is more than 7000 tons, and more than 10000 tons after 2005. Another important aluminum foil market is the production of aluminum plastic tear film (SP). At present, there are more than 1000 such production lines in China, and the demand for aluminum foil is 3000 tons/year. In addition, aluminum plastic composite hoses for ointment packaging and aluminum plastic composite bottle caps for water and injection packaging are also two potential markets for aluminum foil consumption. At present, the total demand for aluminum foil is more than 1000 tons. There is also a potential market for the application of aluminum foil in the pharmaceutical industry, that is, sterile packaging of pharmaceuticals. At present, only a few enterprises in China produce health drinks such as aseptic packaged cool tea, and no proprietary Chinese medicine for aseptic packaged water has been developed. This new field will be an important potential market for aluminum foil flexible packaging.

Food packaging aluminum foil

China's food industry is in an important period of vigorous development. The emergence of flexible food packaging has greatly improved the mechanization and automation of food processing, and accelerated the modernization and socialization of people's diet. In developed countries, soft packaging is mainly used for food and beverages, while the development of soft packaging in China is relatively lagging behind. There are two main applications of aluminum foil in food packaging: one is aluminum plastic or aluminum paper composite packaging; The other is aluminum, plastic and paper multi-layer composite packaging, namely Tetra Pak packaging. China's demand for aluminum foil for food flexible packaging is about 30000 tons/year. From the perspective of market development trend, fresh agricultural products and natural food (drink) products will become an important development market of soft packaging in China. For example, for juice drinks and other beverages, the best packaging for such products will be aluminum foil aseptic packaging.

Toothpaste packaging composite hose

For toothpaste packaging, the aluminum plastic composite hose has excellent barrier performance, strong corrosion resistance and good printing adaptability. In 2002, the aluminum plastic composite hose.

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