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Food container aluminum foil's production process and lubrication requirements

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1) Viscosity and bearing performance: the viscosity range of lubricating oil required by the food container aluminum foil industry is 2 ~ 150 mm2 / s. The appropriate viscosity grade is selected according to the aluminum foil material, the type and overall size of the food container aluminum foil. For example, for wrinkle free food container aluminum foil, due to its thick aluminum foil and large extension and deformation of aluminum foil in the production process, the lubricating oil with high viscosity should be selected, and the lubricating oil must have excellent lubrication performance and bearing performance. If the lubricating oil is not selected properly, it needs to be applied for many times to meet the high lubrication requirements of wrinkle free food container.adhesive foil paper company - YuanfarAluminum

2) Temperature resistance: due to the high punching pressure in the production process, which reaches more than 40 tons, and the high punching frequency, the surface of the equipment and die generates heat due to friction. If the heat is not dissipated in time, the service life of the equipment and die will be greatly reduced. The maximum working temperature of equipment and molds is about 70 ℃, and the reasonable high temperature resistance of lubricating oil should be more than 20 ℃, that is, the reasonable temperature resistance range of lubricating oil is: - 10 ℃ ~ 90 ℃.

3) Oil amount: different aluminum foil materials, food container aluminum foil types and overall dimensions also have different requirements for the amount of lubricating oil. The required oil amount ranges from 30mg to 1g / m2. If the amount of oil is low, the lubrication is insufficient, and the produced food container is easy to be deformed, damaged or even scrapped; On the contrary, if the amount of oil is high, the lubrication is excessive, and the produced food container is easy to stick to the mold surface, which is not easy to drop. It needs to be shut down and taken out, resulting in a serious impact on the production efficiency. At the same time, excessive lubrication is also a waste.

4) Oiling method: according to different lubrication requirements, there are two oiling methods: single-sided oiling and double-sided oiling. Single side oiling is suitable for occasions with simple type of food container, small deformation of aluminum foil and low lubrication requirements. This oiling method can strictly control the amount of oiling and avoid unnecessary waste.

5) Degreasing (when ordinary lubricating oil is used): after stamping the food container aluminum foil, if food grade lubricating oil is not used, the oil on its surface must be removed first, because ordinary lubricating oil cannot be in direct contact with food. If the surface layer is not degreased, it will affect the color, taste and even safety of food. Once the ordinary lubricating oil enters the human body, it cannot be decomposed and not excreted. It will stay in the human body for a long time. If it is eaten for a long time, it will cause physical discomfort or dizziness in light cases and poisoning in severe cases. However, at present, the removal of lubricating oil on the surface of aluminum foil is still an extremely complex process and expensive.

6) Shelf life of food container aluminum foil: finished food container aluminum foil are not directly in the hands of consumers, but need many intermediate links such as inventory, transportation and sales. Especially for many export-oriented food container manufacturers, the shipping cycle alone takes more than two months. Therefore, the shelf life of finished food container aluminum foil must be more than one year, and the regulation of many European and American countries is two years. That means that the shelf life of lubricating oil on the surface of food container aluminum foil should also reach at least 2 years. Ordinary lubricating oil and olive oil used by some enterprises can not meet the requirements of this shelf life.

To sum up, food container aluminum foil have quite high requirements for lubrication. Selecting suitable high-performance lubricating oil can ensure higher production efficiency, higher product qualification rate, longer service life of equipment and molds, lower labor cost and lower energy consumption, so as to bring more benefits to the enterprise.

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