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Hot-rolled aluminum VS cast-rolled aluminum

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There are the main differences between hot-rolled and cast-rolled aluminum?

1)Different processes:

The production process of hot rolling stock is: aluminum melt-melting and casting into flat ingot (thickness 250-400mm; width 800-2000mm; length 4000-6000mm)-hot rolling into 4-7mm thick plate and strip (rolling aluminum flat ingot directly into hot rolled coil of 4-7mm thickness through hot rolling mill)

The production process of cast-rolling stock is: aluminum water-cast-rolling mill rolled into 4-7 mm thickness plate and strip (aluminum water is solidified in the passage of a certain thickness * width, and rolled through roll plastic shape)

2)Different properties :

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there are less impurities and surface defects in hot-rolled aluminum strip, and the mechanical and ductile properties are better, the plate type is better, but the price is more expensive; the surface of cast-rolled aluminum strip is easy to appear defects such as black silk bright belt, trachoma, etc. , it is easy to produce wave warping and other plate-type problems, large-scale bending, stamping and other processing easy to crack.

3)Different uses: 

cast-rolling aluminum plate is mostly used in construction, requires a high profile, the need for a large bending, plastic, stamping the use of hot-rolled aluminum plate.

4)Price difference:

because cast-rolling aluminum plate process is simple, it is cheaper than hot-rolled aluminum plate.

5)Different finished products: 

generally, the elongation of roll-casting products is lower than that of hot-rolling products.

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