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Is aluminum foil the same as tinfoil?

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Tin foil is not the same as aluminum foil

1. Aluminum foil paper

Aluminum foil paper is a paper made of aluminum foil backing paper and aluminum foil pasting. Soft and easy to deform, like paper, and does not rebound after deformation. It can be qualitatively guaranteed to be shading, not falling, opaque, non-polluting, and cheap. For high-grade cigarettes, candy and other food moisture-proof and decorative packaging.

2. Tin foilchina aluminium foil for bottle cap - YuanfarAluminum

The color of the tin foil is silvery white, and the ash is golden yellow after burning. Its main components are tin and aluminum, which are alloys of tin and aluminum; its electrical and thermal conductivity are very good. It can also be made into a lampshade to make the lamp brighter.

Tinfoil provides good thermal insulation, and tinfoil has a good finish and heat reflectivity.

The difference between tin foil and aluminum foil is mainly reflected in the application, production materials, functions, etc., as follows:

1. Different applications: tin foil is mainly used for packaging food, drugs, cosmetics and other chemical products; aluminum foil paper is a raw and auxiliary material for industrial manufacturing, and its products are mainly used in packaging protection, daily necessities, construction, etc., and are widely used in various Flexible packaging.

2. Different production materials: tin foil is a film-like metal paper coated or affixed with silver, mostly silver-white, but it is actually aluminum foil, which is a tool made of flattened metal aluminum; aluminum foil paper is made of The paper made of aluminum foil backing paper and aluminum foil pasting is soft and easy to deform, just like paper, and does not rebound after deformation.

3. Different functions: tin foil can be used to burn seafood, enoki mushrooms, etc., which can retain the umami, prevent food from sticking to the grill, prevent food from sticking to dirty things, and is convenient for brushing the grill. Fillings, etc., if you are afraid of falling off, you can wrap them in tinfoil to prevent water loss, keep them fresh, absorb oil, etc.; aluminum foil paper as a thermal insulation material pasted on the surface of the food can make the production more convenient and clean, especially the aesthetics have reached a new heights.

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