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Is aluminum harmful to human health?

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Millions of old people in the world suffer from Alzheimer's disease. Many scientists have found that Alzheimer's disease is closely related to aluminum. At the same time, it is also found that aluminum damages the functions of brain, heart, liver, kidney and immune function of human body. Therefore, the World Health Organization officially identified aluminum as a food pollutant and controlled it in 1989. It is proposed that the allowable daily intake of aluminum for adults is 60 mg.

Judging from the current situation in China, if we do not pay attention, the intake of aluminum will exceed this index. In addition to taking human aluminum from drugs such as aluminum hydroxide, weishuping, Antonin aluminum salt, aluminum nicotinate, aspirin and so on, each person should take 8-12 mg of aluminum from food every day. Due to the use of aluminum cookers and tableware, aluminum is dissolved in food and consumed about 4 mg. A large amount of aluminum also comes from aluminum containing food additives. Aluminum containing food additives are often used in fried foods such as fried dough sticks and oil cakes. Baking powder containing aluminum food additives is also commonly used in steamed buns, flower rolls, cakes, etc. According to the spot check results of relevant departments, the aluminum content in each kilogram of oil cake is more than 1000 mg. If you eat 50 grams of such oil cake, it will exceed the allowable daily intake of aluminum per person. Therefore, we should try to eat less fried food, use less aluminum containing bulking agents, and try to avoid using aluminum cookers and tableware.

Aluminum, a good companion of mankind

Birth and development history of aluminumlight aluminium manufacturers - YuanfarAluminum

In 1854, the French chemist de vill mixed bauxite, charcoal and salt, heated them with chlorine to obtain NaCl, ALCL ₃ double salt, and then fused this double salt with excess sodium to obtain metallic aluminum. At this time, aluminum is very precious. It is said that at a banquet, French emperor Napoleon used aluminum knives and forks alone, while others used silver tableware. The king of Thailand at that time used aluminum watch chains; At the 1855 Paris International Exposition, a small piece of aluminum was displayed. The label said, "silver from clay", and it was placed next to the most precious jewelry. In 1889, the Russian czar gave Mendeleev the aluminum trophy in recognition of his contribution to the compilation of the periodic table of chemical elements. In 1886, hall of the United States and helante of France independently electrolyzed the mixture of molten bauxite and cryolite to produce metallic aluminum, which laid the foundation for today's large-scale production of aluminum.

In the historical process of nearly a century, the output of aluminum rose sharply. By the 1960s, aluminum surpassed copper in the world's nonferrous metal output and ranked first. At this time, aluminum was not only owned by the Royal aristocracy, but also used in many fields, ranging from national defense, aerospace, electricity, communications, to household goods such as pots and pans. Its compounds are widely used. Different aluminum compounds play an important role in medicine, organic synthesis, petroleum refining and so on.

Harm of aluminum

Improper use of aluminum will also produce some side effects. It is reported that aluminum salt may cause memory loss. A private research group in Australia said: the widespread use of aluminum salt purified water may lead to brain damage and serious memory loss, which is a unique symptom of Alzheimer's disease. Researchers' experiments on mice showed that trace aluminum mixed in drinking water entered the brain of mice and gradually accumulated there. After drinking a glass of water treated with aluminum salt, the aluminum content in their brain reached a measurable level.!

The study found that aluminum can damage human brain cells, so the World Health Organization stipulates that the daily intake of aluminum should be controlled at 0 Under 004 grams, generally speaking, a person's daily intake of aluminum will never exceed this amount. However, often drinking water purified by aluminum salt, eating foods containing aluminum salt, such as fried dough sticks (100 grams of fried dough sticks contain about 0.33 grams of alum), vermicelli, jelly, oil cakes, soft drinks in translocation cans, etc., or often eating meals fried with aluminum cookers, will increase people's intake of aluminum, thereby affecting brain cell function, Lead to memory loss and mental retardation.

Compared with its contribution, the harm of aluminum and its compounds to human beings cannot be compared. As long as people pay attention to it and develop its strengths and avoid its weaknesses, it will play a more important role in human society.

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