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Lightweight of aluminum automobile

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Lightweight of aluminum automobile

Aluminum alloy has the characteristics of good corrosion resistance, low cost, recyclability, easy processing and light weight. Its application in automobile production can effectively reduce the waste of energy, and the proportion of raw materials in automobile has reached 60%. In terms of corrosion resistance, the surface of aluminum is easy to produce corresponding oxide film, which has strong anti-oxidation ability and can effectively reduce the corrosion degree of automobile. Moreover, aluminum alloy is especially suitable for the position where anti-corrosion materials are not suitable for automobile body, which can not only enhance the service life of automobile, but also improve the beauty and comfort of automobile, At present, most of the aluminum used in our country is recycled aluminum, which can effectively reduce energy consumption. Recycling can effectively reduce more than 95% of energy consumption, which is completely consistent with the requirements of saving and environmental protection in our country [1]. At the same time, the use of aluminum alloy in automobile body production can effectively use aluminum extrusion technology, so as to effectively reduce the number of solder joints, reduce the automobile processing procedures to a certain extent, and comprehensively improve the assembly efficiency of automobile production.

1. Application of aluminum alloy in car body  

The car body accounts for more than 30% of the whole vehicle mass, and the energy consumption has reached more than 70%.rim lights for cars for sale - YuanfarAluminum The car body is the largest energy consumption position. Therefore, if we want to achieve the reduction of energy, we must realize the lightweight of the car body. In the actual vehicle production, the effective use of aluminum alloy body production, not only can reduce the overall quality of the vehicle, but also can reduce the vehicle cost.

2. Application of aluminum alloy in chassis  

In the process of vehicle lightweight, chassis optimization can not be ignored, and it is also a relatively easy position to achieve. In the suspension system of chassis, the use of aluminum alloy has been gradually concerned.

3. Application of aluminum alloy in engine  

At present, many automobile manufacturers have used aluminum alloy to make engine parts. As far as the piston is concerned, the aluminum alloy piston can not only reduce its weight, but also improve the crankshaft counterweight and piston inertia, so as to continuously improve the efficiency of the piston.

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