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Main characteristics and application for 6 series aluminum alloys

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6 series aluminum alloy is an alloy that mainly contained with magnesium and silicon elements, and it’s  belongs to heat treatment strengthening aluminum alloy.

The alloy has the advantages of medium strength, high corrosion resistance, no stress corrosion cracking tendency, good weldability, unchanged corrosion resistance in welding zone, good formability and good processability. When the alloy contains with copper,  the strength of the alloy is close to 2 Series aluminum alloy, and the technological performance is better than 2-Series aluminum alloy, but the corrosion resistance becomes poor, and the alloy has good forging performance. 6061 and 6063 alloys are the most widely used among the 6 series alloys. They have the best comprehensive properties. The main products are extruded profiles, which are the best extruded alloys. The alloys are widely used for building profiles.buy wrapping phone in foil - YuanfarAluminum

Here below is the  common alloy and usage in 6 series aluminum

Alloy 6009: Body panels for automotive

Alloy 6010: Thin body panels for automotive

Alloy 6061: Pipes, rods, shapes and plates for the manufacture of trucks, tower buildings, ships, tramcars, furniture, mechanical parts, precision processing, etc

Alloy 6063: Industrial profiles, building profiles, irrigation pipes and extrusion materials for vehicles, platforms, furniture, railings, etc

Alloy 6066: Extrusion materials for forgings and welding structures

Alloy 6070: Heavy duty welded structures ,extruded materials and tubes for automotive industry

Alloy 6101: High strength bar, electric conductor and heat dissipation equipment for buses, etc

Alloy 6201: High strength conductive bar and wire

Alloy 6205: Thick plate, pedal and high impact extrusion parts

Alloy 6651: Extruded structural parts of vehicles, pipeline for water, oil.

Alloy 6463: Building and application profiles, decorative parts for automotive with bright surface after anodizing treatment

Alloy 6A02: Parts for aircraft engine, complex shape forgings and die forgings

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