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Medical Aluminum Foil Medical Aluminum Foil
Medical Aluminum Foil Medical Aluminum Foil
Medical Aluminum Foil Medical Aluminum Foil
Medical Aluminum Foil Medical Aluminum Foil


Medical Aluminum Foil

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medical aluminum foil

Aluminum foil has become an important part of medical packaging. Aluminum foil packaging can control the amount of medicine, whether it is taken according to the condition or according to the doctor's advice, aluminum-plastic blister packaging can provide accurate dosage. Since the drug has strict requirements on temperature and humidity and is easily broken, the aluminum foil blister can be protected from adverse factors during long-distance transportation and long-term storage. Aluminum foil blister can be used for the packaging of tablets and capsules. The blister packaging of tablets is also called PTP medicinal foil.

The medical packaging aluminum foil mainly uses 8011,8079 etc, it is non-toxic and odorless, has excellent conductivity and shading performance, and has extremely high moisture resistance, gas barrier and taste retention. Aluminum foil has a highly dense metal crystal structure, it can completely block any gas, water vapor and light, so it can most effectively protect drugs.

1100 Aluminum Foil Specification

Alloy Type

1100, 8011, 8021, 8079






O,H14,H16,H18,H19,H22,H24,H26,H28, etc

Inner Core Materials

Steel / aluminum / paper


Standard export package, such as wooden case or as required.



1070 Aluminum Foil Inspection

We will inspect every batch of goods before delivery, the quality of the goods is strictly controlled.

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8079 Aluminum Foil Exhibition

Every year, we participate in international exhibitions in the industry.

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8011 Aluminum Foil Loading Pictures

We have rich experience in vertical packaging, horizontal packaging, wooden pallets, wooden cases, loading and reinforcement solutions, and will try to help you save costs by providing you with reasonable container packaging solutions.

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0.007/0.008/0.009mm Aluminum Foil FAQ

1. What products can you offer?

Aluminium coil, aluminum foil, aluminum sheet and so on.

Our products are widely used in construction, transportation, aerospace, packaging and all aspects of people’s daily life.

2. Can you provide samples or trial orders?

Yes, we can provide A4 samples, and send it by DHL, Fedex or other international shipping companies. The MOQ of trial order for  some products is tens of kilograms, the MOQ of most trial orders is 5-8 tons.

XI'AN Yuanfar Aluminum

Our main products: Aluminum coil, aluminum foil, aluminum plate (smooth surface, surface treatment, surface coating), these products are widely used in the following industry, such as packaging, construction, Automotive and so on. The annual export volume of aluminum materials can reach 20000 tons.

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