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  • Aluminum alloy ash removal technology

    For 6063 aluminum alloy building profiles can get satisfactory ash removal effect, but other aluminum alloys with high alloy composition are not necessarily suitable, that is, 6063 aluminum alloy must control the content of impurities.

  • The aluminum demand's new growth point

    The downstream demand structure of electrolytic aluminum is mainly in the fields of construction real estate, transportation, electricity, consumption, machinery and packaging, among which the total demand for construction real estate and transportation and electricity accounted for more than 73%.

  • Aluminum alloy furniture's features

    Environment friendly is the major advantage of today's aluminum alloy furniture, because aluminum alloy, cold-rolled steel plate, and other metal materials are processed from the series of our mineral resources.

  • Pinholes in double zero aluminum foil's control methods

    With the continuous increase in the application field and demand of aluminum foil​, the domestic aluminum foil industry continues to develop, especially the rapid development of the aluminum foil industry for flexible packaging.

  • Aluminum die castings' mildewing causes and preventive measures

    After a long period of storage of aluminum die casting​, there are no other problems, that is, the surface appears to have mildewed phenomenon, this does not seem to affect the normal use of aluminum die casting, but if this is not resolved soon, will cause the aluminum die casting surface quality and the performance to drop.

  • The impacts of Indonesia's tightening aluminum bauxite export

    In addition, Alcoa, UAE global aluminum and other foreign investment in several bauxite projects also transport part of the ore volume to China every year. During this period, Hongqiao and Nanshan cooperated with local bauxite companies to build alumina plants with a capacity of 1 million tons each, and phase II is under construction.

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