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  • Global aluminum supply tension

    There are signs that the supply shortage that disrupted the commodity market and pushed aluminum prices to a 13 year high this week is unlikely to be alleviated in the short term - a consensus reached by producers, consumers, traders and transporters at the North American aluminum conference ended on Friday.

  • Are aluminum foil recyclable

    At present, air conditioners are gradually developing towards miniaturization, high efficiency and high service life. And the heat exchange aluminum for air conditioner is developing in the direction of ultra-thin and high-intensity.

  • Aluminum price may rise at a high level

    On September 15th, aluminum prices have continued to rise since September, with a high increase of more than 10% this month. International aluminum prices have also reached a new high since 2006.

  • What are aluminum alloys

    The use of aluminum alloy parts on the car can effectively reduce the vehicle weight, so that the center of gravity of the car is reduced, the real realization of the vehicle lightweight.

  • aluminum foil bag:What are the advantages

    Material: bright aluminum foil composite material (PET/Al/PE), matt aluminum foil composite material (MPET/Al/PE).Characteristics of aluminum foil: the surface of aluminum foil is very clean and sanitary. No microorganisms can grow on its surface.

  • Cold rolled aluminum sheet and hot rolled's difference

    Usually the thickness of the hot-rolled sheet is 6-8 mm. The minimum thickness is 2.5mm-3.0mm. Due to the large temperature drop during the hot rolling process, it is difficult to continue the hot rolling to a thinner thickness, while the cold rolling easily causes the rolled piece to continue to become thinner.

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