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  • Briefing of 1050 aluminum alloy

    1050 aluminum alloy is an aluminum-based alloy in the "commercially pure" wrought series (1000 or 1xxx series). As a wrought alloy, it is not used in castings. Instead, it is usually formed by extrusion or rolling. It is commonly used in the electrical and chemical industries due to its high electri

  • Introduction to aluminium PVDF coating

    Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) coatings are factory-applied resin-based coating systems typically embedded with colored pigment particles to support a variety of matte finish colors. They are most commonly used in architectural coating applications due to their excellent resistance to weathering by sunlight, moisture or temperature.

  • Common problems and causes of aluminum sheet - (3)

    Sticking to aluminum on the shearing machine row is caused by unclean rollers of the straightening machine; all multi-roll straighteners during finishing are easy to stick to the surface of the sheet; during hot rolling or cold rolling, the roll sticks to aluminum, causing sticking to the strip.

  • Common problems and causes of aluminum sheet - (2)

    The roll gap value at both ends of the sickle-shaped hot rolling mill roll is different; the guide ruler feeds the strip plate incorrectly, and the two sides of the strip plate extend differently; the hot rolling mill roll is not preheated well, and the roll shape is incorrect; the emulsion spray is uneven or the nozzle is blocked; The sheet was misaligned during calender rolling.

  • Aluminum prices continue to be strong

    Last week, the unprecedented flooding in Henan Province affected downstream production, which was superimposed on the expected impact of dumping of reserves, and aluminum prices were suppressed at the beginning of the week. In the middle of the week, it was announced that the second batch of aluminu

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