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These are related to the china Thin aluminum news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in china Thin aluminum and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand china Thin aluminum market.
  • Packaging materials - aluminum foil's development trends

    Packaging materials - aluminum foil's development trendsThe development of packaging industry is an important symbol of cultural development and scientific and technological progress.

  • Advantages of aluminum foil industry

    Advantages of carbon coated aluminum foil in lithium battery applications. Inhibit battery polarization, reduce thermal effect and improve magnification performance.

  • zongzi can be stored at normal temperature for over ten days in aluminum foil packing bag

    The Dragon Boat Festival would comes soon! As a traditional festival in China, the Dragon Boat Festival has many different cultural. But no matter you prefer sweet Zongzi or salty Zongzi, there is a same thing that people eat all kinds of delicious ZongZi on this day. During the Dragon Boat Festival

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Our main products: Aluminum coil, aluminum foil, aluminum plate (smooth surface, surface treatment, surface coating), these products are widely used in the following industry, such as packaging, construction, Automotive and so on. The annual export volume of aluminum materials can reach 20000 tons.

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