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  • Development of vacuum aluminized film - part 1

    With the development of vacuum evaporation technology and post-processing technology, the varieties and uses of vacuum aluminized films are expanding, and they are widely used in packaging, decoration and other fields.

  • Common problems in the use of aluminized film

    Vacuum aluminized film is a kind of packaging material with low price, beautiful appearance, excellent performance and strong practicability because it has the characteristics of both plastic film and metal.

  • Overview of aluminum plating

    Vacuum evaporation of metal thin film is a process of forming composite thin film by melting and vaporizing metal under high vacuum (above 10-4mba) by resistance, high frequency or electron beam heating, and adhering to the surface of thin film substrate.

  • Precautions for using color coated aluminum coil

    There are two cases of poor gloss of color coated board. One is that the coating does not reach the due gloss or uneven color after curing, or after a few hours of coating curing, some of them have a decline in gloss after two or three weeks, that is, the phenomenon of inverted gloss.

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