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Overview of aluminum plating

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Overview of aluminum plating

Vacuum evaporation of metal thin film is a process of forming composite thin film by melting and vaporizing metal under high vacuum (above 10-4mba) by resistance, high frequency or electron beam heating, and adhering to the surface of thin film substrate. The metal to be plated can be gold, silver, copper, zinc, chromium, aluminum, etc., of which aluminum is the most used. Aluminized film or paper is formed by plating a very thin layer of metal aluminum on the surface of plastic film or paper.

The vacuum aluminized film used for packaging has the following characteristics:

(1) Compared with aluminum foil, aluminum consumption is greatly reduced, energy and materials are saved, and cost is reduced. The thickness of aluminum foil for composite is mostly 7-9um, and the thickness of aluminum layer of aluminized film is about 400 Å (0.04um). Its aluminum consumption is about 1 / 200 of that of aluminum foil, and the production speed can be as high as 700m / min.black coated aluminium price - YuanfarAluminum

(2) It has excellent folding resistance and toughness, few pinholes and cracks, no bending and cracking, and improved barrier to gas, water vapor, smell, light, etc.

(3) It has excellent metallic luster and light reflectance up to 97%; And a color film can be formed by coating treatment, and its decoration effect is better than that of aluminum foil.

(4) Shielding or elution can be used to partially aluminize to obtain any pattern or transparent window, and the contents of the package can be seen.

(5) The aluminum plating layer has good conductivity and can eliminate electrostatic effect, especially when packaging powder products, it will not pollute the sealing part, ensuring the sealing performance of the packaging.

(6) It has good adaptability to post-processing such as printing and lamination.

Because of the above characteristics, aluminum plating film has become a new composite film with excellent performance, economy and beauty, and has replaced aluminum foil composite material in many aspects. It is mainly used for packaging flavored food, daily necessities, agricultural products, drugs, cosmetics and cigarettes.

Vacuum evaporation principle of aluminum plating

Install the rolled film substrate to be plated on the unwinding station of the vacuum evaporation machine, roll the film through the cooling roll (evaporation roll) on the winding station, and use a vacuum pump to vacuum the film so that the vacuum in the evaporation chamber reaches 4 × Above 10-4mba, heat the evaporation boat to melt the high-purity aluminum wire at a temperature of 1300 ℃ ~ 1400 ℃ and evaporate it into gaseous aluminum. Start the film winding system. When the running speed of the film reaches a certain value, open the baffle to deposit and cool the gaseous aluminum particles on the surface of the moving film substrate to form a continuous and bright metal aluminum layer. See Fig. 1 for the schematic diagram of vacuum aluminum plating. The thickness of the aluminum plating layer is controlled by controlling the evaporation speed of the metal aluminum, the moving speed of the base film, and the vacuum degree in the evaporation chamber. Generally, the thickness of the aluminum plating layer is 250 to 500 Å.

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