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Packaging materials - aluminum foil's development trends

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Packaging materials - aluminum foil's development trends

The development of packaging industry is an important symbol of cultural development and scientific and technological progress. Since the 1950s, the rise of composite materials has triggered a revolution in the packaging field. The material Thin aluminum for sale - YuanfarAluminumcomposite technology has been developing continuously. At present, various new composite materials have emerged, which has a certain impact on the application of aluminum foil. For example: 1) As the food packaged with aluminum foil cannot be directly processed by microwave, a high barrier microwave food packaging material has recently emerged, that is, a thin layer of silicon oxide is coated on the plastic and other substrates to make the material have high barrier, high microwave permeability and transparency, which is suitable for food packaging such as high temperature cooking and microwave processing, as well as beverage and edible oil packaging, but the production cost of this material is very high, Mass production technology is not perfect; 2) Nanometer packaging materials have entered a period of rapid development. Nanotechnology is the youngest science and technology in the 21st century, and is also considered the most promising packaging technology in the 21st century. At present, nano packaging is still in the development stage, with few practical applications.

In addition, a variety of new concept packaging materials have also emerged in the market. Due to the excellent performance and relatively low cost of aluminum foil packaging, these new materials have not formed a large-scale market and have no substantial impact on aluminum foil packaging. However, at present and in the next few years, the development of aluminized composite is an important trend. It will be used as an alternative to traditional calendered aluminum foil in some markets.

Development of aluminized packaging

The aluminized film has been applied to the packaging industry since the 1960s, and developed rapidly in North America and Europe in the 1980s. China has introduced aluminized packaging since the early 1990s, but it has not developed rapidly until recent years. The development of aluminized packaging in China can be divided into three stages: the first stage is mainly aluminized label stickers; The second stage is as the outer packaging and flexible packaging of products; The third stage is used as cigarette lining paper.

As the outer packaging and flexible packaging of products. Aluminum plating is mainly used in soft packaging to replace single plastic and paper, thus increasing the insulation and visual impact on packaging products. At the same time, some aluminum foil packaging is replaced by aluminum plating materials. With the development of aluminum plating production, especially the maturity of multi-layer composite technology, aluminum plating materials will have a greater impact on aluminum foil packaging.

It has completely replaced the traditional aluminum tube packaging. China's toothpaste output is 3 billion tubes/year, and the demand for aluminum foil for toothpaste packaging is 3000 tons. In addition, the demand for aluminum plastic composite hoses in other fields has also increased to varying degrees, such as medical and health products, beauty cosmetics, condiments, industrial supplies, etc.

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