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Parchment and Applications in cooking and baking

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Parchment or vegetable parchment, is a cellulose-based composite material that has been processed to give it additional properties such as non-stick, grease and moisture resistance.It is often used as a disposable nonstick, grease-resistant surface in baking.It should not be confused with wax paper, which is paper coated with wax.Some brands of parchment have a silicon coating that makes the paper more nonstick and heat resistant.Silicone coated parchment can be reused many times.In addition to cooking and baking, parchment paper can be used for other purposes, such as crafts and gift wrapping. Its non-stick surface makes it easy to use, and its durability means it can be used for multiple projects.It's also important to note that while parchment is heat resistant, it is not fireproof. It should not be exposed to direct flame or used in a broiler or toaster oven.It is recommended to always use parchment according to the manufacturer's directions and never exceed its stated recommended temperature range.

Applications in cooking and bakingParchment aluminium

A common use is to eliminate the need to grease pans etc., allowing very quick turnaround of batches of baked goods with minimal cleanup. Parchment is also used for en papillote, a technique in which food is steamed or boiled in a closed bag made of parchment.Parchment paper can be used for most applications that require waxed paper as a nonstick surface. The opposite is not true, as using wax paper can cause oven smoke and adversely affect flavor. 

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Non-stick properties can also be achieved by using coated paper, for which a suitable release agent a coating with low surface energy and able to withstand the temperatures of the baking or baking process is deposited on the paper on surfaces; often silica gel (cured with a suitable catalyst).

Other applications

Parchment also has related properties that are useful in other industries.In the textile tube industry, the outer layer of parchment imparts the necessary resistance to abrasion, heat and oil. In other industries, whether in furniture laminate manufacturing or rubber vulcanization, parchment is used as a processing aid for its release properties.


Parchment paper is composed of cellulose fibers and is therefore considered compostable both in industrial settings (EN13432) and at home.

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