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Precautions for using color coated aluminum coil

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Correlation analysis of poor gloss of aluminum color coated plate

There are two cases of poor gloss of color coated board. One is that the coating does not reach the due gloss or uneven color after curing, or after a few hours of coating curing, some of them have a decline in gloss after two or three weeks, that is, the phenomenon of inverted gloss. Second, the color of the coating after curing is darker than expected or the color plate.

(1) causes of aluminum coating formula. Excessive amount of pigment, filler and solvent in aluminum coating, insufficient fineness or mixed with dust;

(2) The substrate surface is too rough or there are oil, water, wax and other objects, and the coating is not fully cured;

(3) The aluminum coating is not stirred sufficiently before being put into the machine, and the solid of the aluminum coating sinks at the bottom of the barrel, resulting in less pigment in the upper half of the barrel during construction;coated aluminium coil for sale - YuanfarAluminum

(4) Excessive diluent is added to aluminum coating, which dilutes the effect of bright aluminum profile coating.

What are the precautions when using color coated aluminum coil?

In front, if you want to put it into use, it should be under normal temperature. The temperature should not be too hot or too cold. If it is used as a roof, the height should not be less than 10 degrees

Second, check in time before the installation to ensure that the roof materials are free of wear and tear, that they can be used normally and that they have a long service life under normal conditions.

Third, the bolt head for fixing the color coated aluminum roll should be sealed with a material with strong waterproof property to prevent rainwater from entering and rusting.

Fourth, the ambient temperature of color coated aluminum roll processing should be above 7 ℃, the gap of processing roll system should be adjusted according to the thickness of color coated aluminum roll, and the foreign matters on roll surface and supporting plate should be removed; At the same time, check whether the paint on both sides of the color coated aluminum coil is off. If the paint is off, find out the causes and take measures before continuous processing.

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