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The advantages of aluminum foil tray and how to maintain and maintain

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Advantages of aluminum foil pans:

The product is light in weight and conforms to the national food hygiene standards. And it is convenient to recycle, no harmful substances are produced during the processing, and it does not pollute renewable resources. The aluminum lunch box product series is mostly used in the retail of aviation food and cake food, and the update speed is fast and the quantity is consumed. Suitable for sale in bulk. Foil pans are used in many places for cooking in cake grocery stores as well as for packaging of finished food. The product market is wider and the popularity is wider.

It has outstanding barrier properties. Under the premise of sufficient thickness of aluminum foil, it can basically completely block gas and moisture. Therefore, in plastic flexible packaging materials, aluminum foil is a commonly used barrier material, and aluminum foil has light weight, airtightness and wrapping properties. Well, and so on a series of advantages. It is mainly hygienic, beautiful, and can also be insulated to a certain extent.

It is a surface coating treatment, which has little to do with the thickness of the aluminum foil.

This kind of lunch box not only meets the national food container hygiene standards, but more importantly, it adapts to the international environmental protection trend. The product can be directly heated on a gas stove and baked in a microwave oven without fear of danger, which brings great convenience to people. stamping forming company - YuanfarAluminum

Maintenance/maintenance of the foil tray:

1. The unit shall be maintained by full-time personnel, who shall conduct daily monitoring and regular maintenance of the unit. Strict post responsibility system and operating procedures, regular maintenance and overhaul are required.

2. Generally, the unit should clean the dust on the filter net once every three months or so to ensure the return air is unobstructed.

3. The coils should be cleaned regularly. Remove the ash accumulation outside the coil and the scale inside the pipe to avoid heat exchange effect and ventilation.

4. During the shutdown season of the unit, it is necessary to keep the coil filled with water in summer to reduce corrosion; in winter, the water must be drained to avoid freezing and cracking of the copper pipe.

5. The power must be turned off before maintenance, and the words "Do not turn on during maintenance" are set at the power supply to avoid danger caused by misoperation.

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