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The main driving factors for the global commodity price rise are three factors

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On the evening of the 11th May, the central bank released the quarterly report on China's monetary policy implementation for 2021. Regarding the recent rise in global commodity prices, the central bank pointed out that there are three main driving factors.

First, the government of major economies has issued large-scale stimulus plans, and the market generally expects that the total demand will tend to be strong, Second, the epidemic situation overseas has rebounded obviously, and there are still constraints on the supply side, Third, with the implementation of super loose monetary policy by the central bank, the global liquidity environment continues to be extremely loose

For the current trend of aluminum price, the policy level of regulatory risk has become one of the important factors of uncertainty risk in the current market.

The central bank stressed that at present, it is difficult to see the impact of the above three aspects in the short term, and the global inflation center may continue to rise moderately for a period of time.

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