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Use of aluminum foil - part 2

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The products are packaged in rolls and blocks. It plays a very good role in food cooking, such as freezing, fresh-keeping and baking. In refrigerators or freezers, aluminum foil can be wrapped on food. Aluminum foil can keep its shape, avoid the loss of water in fish, vegetables, fruits and dishes, and prevent the leakage or mixing of flavor, which is both hygienic and convenient. Using aluminum foil to separate high temperature carbon fire and smoke can prevent food from being burnt and causing carcinogens, which is a healthier way to eat. This product conforms to the national food hygiene standard, and is packaged in a color box with a cutting saw blade, which is convenient to use, beautiful and generous. 

A large number of household aluminum foil produced have been exported overseas.

• Gold card packaging: With the rapid development of packaging industry, China's packaging industry has entered the world's advanced ranks. In China, most of the medium and high-grade cosmetics, cigarettes, liquor and other products are packed with gold cards after aluminum foil and cardboard are combined. Gold card packaging not only has a certain freshness and moisture resistance, but also has a beautiful and luxurious surface, greatly improving the product grade.best Thin aluminum - YuanfarAluminum

• Cigarette packaging: China is a big country in cigarette production and consumption. Although the consumption proportion of aluminum foil for cigarette packaging has decreased year by year due to the rapid development of other industries, it is still the main consumer of double zero foil. The aluminum foil in cigarette packaging materials plays an important role in protecting the fragrance and moisture.

• Capacitor: In recent years, China's electronic and power industries have made great progress. Due to the small proportion, large specific surface area and high conductivity of aluminum foil, it has become the best material for manufacturing film capacitors, which are used in electronic and power industries.

• Construction industry: In China, aluminum foil is used as the thermal insulation material outside the central air-conditioning pipeline. In developed countries and regions, aluminum foil, plastic and woven fiber composite materials are also used as the thermal insulation layer of building roofs. This material has good thermal insulation effect and long service life, and is an ideal building material.

• Others: Double zero foil is also used in decoration and many other industries.

Single zero foil and thick and thin application fields: pharmaceutical packaging, air conditioner, beer seal, fruit wine seal, cable belt, electrolytic capacitor, building decoration and other fields.

Aluminum foil is rolled from electrolytic aluminum or aluminum alloy plates with purity of 99 (3, 99 (9.

Aluminum foil has a wide range of applications due to its series of good properties. From a worldwide perspective, it is mainly used in three fields, including packaging, electrical and construction, among which packaging has the largest demand. The largest consumption of aluminum foil in China is cigarette packaging, accounting for more than 50%, followed by electrolytic capacitor industry, accounting for about 15%, and the third is flexible packaging and other packaging industries, accounting for about 15%,.

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