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zongzi can be stored at normal temperature for over ten days in aluminum foil packing bag

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The Dragon Boat Festival would comes soon! As a traditional festival in China, the Dragon Boat Festival has many different cultural. But no matter you prefer sweet Zongzi or salty Zongzi, there is a same thing that people eat all kinds of delicious ZongZi on this day.

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During the Dragon Boat Festival, the weather is generally very hot, and the humidity is high,  especially in south of China. Zongzi is rich in nutrition, it has high water content, so it’s easy to be putrid, germ and other pathogenic bacteria are easy to grow and reproduce. At this time, to use aluminum foil bag for packaging fresh Zongzi would be the best choice. Although the aluminum foil is very thin, it has strong barrier property. It can completely block light, gas and other substances, it can improve the freshness and protect water content, and maintain the original taste and characteristics of products effectively. ZongZi packaged in aluminum foil would not be contaminated by bacteria and viruses during storage and transportation. Especially when COVID-19 is not end yet.  Aluminum foil packing can effectively protect food for safety and health.

After sterilized at high temperature and isolated from the air, the zongzi can be stored at normal temperature for over ten days in aluminum foil packing bag. It can be storage in fridge for hundreds of days, and for a longer time in frozen area . Aluminum foil packaging can maximum keep the aroma and taste of zongzi, you can enjoy it at any time.

Accordingly, there is also another advantage that packing zongzi or similar food in aluminum foil packing, which is to reduce waste of food, save food and other resources and energy.

Aluminum foil is made of original aluminum after alloying and rolling through multiple processes. It has no harmful substances such as heavy metals. In the process of aluminum foil production, they use the high temperature annealing disinfection process, so the aluminum foil can contact with food directly and it would not keep bacteria to growth. Normally, aluminum foil will not react with food.


Compared with other packaging materials, the packaging efficiency of aluminum foil is higher, and the recycling is better. Aluminum foil is very thin and light, it always with a thickness of 6 μ m to 90 μ m . It is the packaging material with the highest product- packaging ratio. Aluminum foil packaging can replace plastic and paper packing products, it can save a lot of fossil oil, wood and other resources. To use the aluminum foil as packing material which also reduce the amount of non recyclable garbage, and improve environment quality.

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There are many ways to recycle aluminum packaging materials, and almost waste aluminum packaging materials (including aluminum foil composite packaging materials) would be recycled eventually. Society, government and the public have more agreements on recycling, on the other hand,  recycling technology is also improving, and recycling system is also in development.(It should be noted that the aluminum foil belongs to "recyclable garbage")


It has been many years that aluminum foil combined with traditional Chinese food zongzi. However, with the diversified demand of consumption, more and more people are aware of the excellent characteristics of aluminum foil materials as food packing. In recent years, more companies use aluminum foil to package zongzi. In this season, aluminum foil is further integrated into our life and decorated our life.

As a environment-Friendly material, aluminum foil is widely used in food packaging industry, not only for keep fresh .  Yuanfar company has been committed to food packaging aluminum foil 15 years, thickness can be from 6 μ m to 90 μ m, widely used in food container, soft drink packaging, food packaging, aluminum plastic/ aluminum paper composite packaging and other fields.

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